Don’t be afraid to use your battery.

I FINALLY decided to come out of the flip phone age, purchased me a Samsung Galaxy s8…fabulous phone, by the by. Was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. I hesitated buying it as it’s one of those phones that does not have a battery you can take out and put in another. I debated about getting it, fretted about the life of the battery. Two years? Hmm…stared at it forever. Two years, huh?….hmmm……

Decided to take a chance and bought my Galaxy s8. Was love at first sight!! The photos it took was awesome. The movies crystal clear! Music sounded fantastic. I was in heaven. Until….

I got to thinking about the battery life. Started fretting about that and began to cut down my usage. HAD to save the battery. I found myself on it less. I stopped watching movies and listened to music sparingly. I made sure to put it in power saving mode which cut down on the apps I could use or their function….*sigh*….started missing my fave apps and just pecking around, hanging out with online friends and checking on fam I don’t get to see.

I HAD to save the battery, tho, to make sure I got my full two years worth of battery life. I started to get annoyed. I missed my love affair with my Galaxy s8!…*stamps foot angrily*…..

One day, I was laying bed, and got to thinking. What the world was the point in having a phone I enjoyed and afraid to enjoy it? Great question. Sadly, we do that with our lives, don’t we? We hold ourselves back from love, from trying new things, from using the things that we love.

Why, you may ask? We do so for fear of ‘running out’. We want to save what we have, to hoard it. We want to relive those good memories, over and over, instead of embarking on making new ones.

I got to thinking about that…..hmm…..darn it I want to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy!….*stamps foot angrily*…..hmm….

One day, I decided, to heck with this…..grabbed up my Galaxy s8, started up Season 8 of Grey’s….*hugs phone*…..*sigh*…..heaven!!!

I visited old friends, made some new ones. I blasted my music with my ear buds, sang lustily and semi badly….sorry neighbors…..hugged myself and rocked out enjoying my phone, enjoying my life. Who knows where I will be or where life may take me in the next two years?

Life is sooooooooooooooooooooooo very short. Don’t be afraid to live it, yall. Grab hold of life. Live it to the fullest. If you are missing that friend, call and make up with them. If you would like to live in that cool place, start researching and get after it. If you want a new job, pursue it.

Time to live! Time to do YOU. Fear not, dear heart. This life is waiting for you to live it. Yes, there are hard times. There will be some sad ones. Don’t let fear of sad or hard days keep you from living in the NOWNESS of life. Life can be so hard and seem cruel. But, o, peeps, life surely is worth living!!….*Cassandra gives herself a big hug*…..delish.

Use up that battery. You can always get a new phone. Don’t let that phone sit, waiting for you. Life is waiting for YOU. You have been praying for this, hoping for that. Get on up, keep on praying and live. We got this yall.

We all we got, but we all we need. This POC love all my brothers and sisters of every race, creed, political party. Love me back.

Take care and stay safe,


I choose OURS. I choose you. I got you.



Seems like, every four years, we find ourselves in a tug of war. Every four years, we are asked to pledge our felty/loyalty, to one side, or the other.



Of course, the OTHER side, is ALWAYS demonized. The OTHER side, is always the BAD side, the UNINFORMED side, the UN-AMERICAN side.



Blindly, we are told, to follow. Mindlessly, we are instructed, to follow. Loyally, we are demanded, to follow.



Maddeningly, seems like, every four years, we find ourselves blindly, mindlessly, loyally following. Us against Them. Mine against Yours. Blindly, mindlessly, loyally.

Of course, NEITHER side, does what THEY say THEY are gonna do. THEY know THEY don’t have to. You see, as long as THEY have US, it’s a wrap, that’s the ball game, there IS no need to play, to do better, to be better. All THEY need, is US.

So, we play THEIR game. Every four years. Until.



Until, WE grow tired of blindly, mindlessly, loyally following.

WHAT are WE following?


Four years later, US decides to join THEM. Or, THEM decides to join US. Alas, the script is flipped. Or, so it appears. Yet, we are playing, the same game, still. STILL. STILL! The only difference, seems like, is that we play, this time, with more zeal, for the new team: blindly, mindlessly, loyally we follow.



Until, WE grow tired of blindly, mindlessly, loyally following.

I am tired of blindly, mindlessly, loyally following.

Blindly, following because it’s all we got, but all we need.

Mindlessly, following because we are promised things will change, this time.

Loyally, following because, well, because we are loyal.

In THIS time, at THIS time, in THIS hour, we can NOT afford to follow blindly, mindlessly, loyally. We can not afford, another four years, another four days, another four minutes, of blindly, mindlessly, loyally following. ANY Team.

WE must choose, the best way forward, the next way forward, the right way forward.

It’s time. For US to pick sides. I choose OUR side. I choose for ALL of us, to win. I choose OUR side. I root, for ALL of us, to win. I choose OUR side. I will fight, for ALL of us, to win.

WE are the UNITED States of America. 50 states. ALL one. ONE Nation. Under God. WITH Liberty. AND, JUSTICE for ALL.

There is no US/THEM in OURS. There is no MINE/YOURS in OURS. This country, belongs to ALL, of US. This country, truly belongs to WE THE PEOPLE!

The Flag, that beautiful American Flag, our brothers and sisters fought for, and dies for, covers US. This is OUR America. The Flag, is OUR Flag. It is YOUR Flag. It is MY Flag. It is OUR Flag.

If we must choose sides. And, make no mistake, we MUST choose a side. We MUST choose the right side: US+THEM/MINE+YOURS = OURS.

I proudly, loudly, loyally choose OUR side. I choose YOU.

I love you, my brothers and my sisters. I love you, America. I got you.

your big/little sis,


P.S. Don’t allow THEM, to divide us, yall. THEM has cost us ALL, many, many things. Many times. What’s worse, most of the time, we have NO idea who THEM even are. Let THEM tear each other down/apart.

Does BLACK LIVES MATTER only at your convenience?




I hear this statement everywhere. See the declarations of support: from the community, from corporations, large and small. I have seen the marches, in the streets, for weeks. Folks of all colors, ages and stages, have marched with us POC. They have cried with us. They have taken rubber bullets with/for us. They have demanded ‘change’ from the government, on our behalf. For three weeks, white America marched with us. WHITE AMERICA MARCHED WITH US!

Then, the cameras moved on. I hear the words less. I see more and more folks, running around without masks. I see more and more, white folks, flocking beaches and going on vacations, all over the country. In fact, travel is higher, than it has been in years. Folks are living their lives, most white folks, are living their lives as if there is no pandemic, as if their actions are of little, or no consequence. For days, I have heard white folks saying ‘only the young get it’ or if they, themselves, get it, it ‘won’t be too bad’ or they recover quickly.

Or, let’s be honest, white folks see the staggering statistics that covid is affecting/killing POC at disproportionate rates, and keep it moving. They are thankful, that it is us, and not them. They are silent, once again. Another form of system racism.

Real talk, WHITE AMERICA: are you secretly glad that you can work from home, that you don’t have to make the agonizing choice of a paycheck vs contracting and/or dying from covid, if you get it? Would you be demanding, that meat packing plants open, or schools open, if you were stacked into these covid breeding places? Would you be cavalier if white folks were dying at two and a half times the rate, if white folks were hospitalized, at FIVE TIMES THE RATE, as POC?

Let’s be real, America. This country would ALREADY be in another lockdown, if the majority of white America had to work in the ‘essential’ groups. White America would have demanded, LONG AGO, that this nation be shut down. What’s more, white America, who owns most of everything and has the ear of the White House, would have already demanded a package to have them paid, while they shelter in place!

I talked to a white friend, today, who said ‘that’s just so sad/too bad’ when I told her about having to comfort a friend who lost THREE family members, in ONE DAY! I, myself, received three texts, in ONE day advising of three friends, who all passed away, THAT day. I have been fighting a severe cold, for the past week and a half, and spent time wondering if I would die alone, in my apartment, from this nasty covid, being in a high risk group.

Yes, many white Americans are socially distancing and wearing masks and going about their day. They are enjoying their meat, at the expense of POC, who are dying to help produce it. They are shopping, in stores, where ‘essential workers’ are bagging their groceries. They are traveling on trains, planes, etc where POC are keeping them clean etc.

Yet, we ALL see the rising numbers. Let’s be real, folks. We ALL know and understand that, as soon as enough people, WHITE PEOPLE, start dying that this country, will rise, en masse and demand things shut down, again. It is going to happen. I weep because, it is not going to happen: until more white folks start dying or getting deathly ill. White folks know this. The media knows this. Politicians know this.

I cry, knowing things won’t change, until those bodies pile up. I wonder, how many more of us POC, will die, until enough white Americans die or get super sick, to sound the alarm. How many of us, will be enough? How many of YOURS, will be enough before you demand law makers to do something?

People are demanding that sports, begin again. The vast majority, of players, are POC. I love sports. I pray, EVERY day, that sports gets shut down, in order for our players, and their families, and support staff, are kept safe. POC athletes have entertained America for decades. They do so, to support their families, to entertain the world. They love what they do. Yet, they have NO BUSINESS playing now.

Ah, that’s the big issue, though, isn’t it? BUSINESS? We make the money for you. Us, essential folks, keeps the trains running for you. Folks say BLACK LIVES MATTER. Apparently, it does not seem to matter, when put against the color green. Our lives are worth it, to most folks, to get the economy kick started. I dare White America, to admit that they would not choose their lives, over the economy, if they were the ones risking.

I know. I know. I already hear the arguments coming that white folks are suffering too. That they have to get out there and work, too. That they have to feed their family, too.

Bottom line is the numbers are out of control. The hospital are being over run. We need a FULL lockdown. The government needs to open the wallet, to all of us, not to big corporations, hedge funds, cruise ships, airlines, and all the other companies and billionaires and celebrities, who received MILLIONS in pay. The government needs to close up America, write us citizens a monthly check TO STAY HOME, so that we can get things under control.

America, needs to demand that EVERYBODY wears a damned mask, when things open up, and socially distance, and get things back in the right direction. Other countries, have already done this people!!!!

Evangelical Christians, what in the hell has happened to you, that you demand rights, at the expense of loving your neighbors and wearing a mask to keep everyone safe??! You want to protect a statue and could give a damn that you may be killing your fellow man!!!!

The silence is killing us. POC, your silence is killing us. We have to demand our legislature, friends, sports folks, ALL folks, rise up with us, and get us out of harms way! Folks are dying. WHITE AMERICA, your silence is killing us. How many more days, must we all live through, like this! Corporate America, yes, you are losing money. You are going to lose more. But, how many deaths are worth your bottom lines? This country needs to shut down. All of it. We needed to have done this, as ONE, back in March. We can do it now. Somebody’s mom, dad, aunt, uncle, husband, wife, sister, brother, cousin, best friend, only friend, is dying, as I type these words, as you read these words, that didn’t have to.

Does BLACK LIVES MATTER only at your convenience? POC are dying. From lack of testing, from lack of care, from lack of give a damn. We all watched, George Floyd, and were helpless. We couldn’t do a thing, to help him. We can do something, about this. We can ALL wear our masks, we can all socially distance. We can ALL, shelter in place. Things are close to a tipping point. Why, o why, do we have to wait until the number is too big for Donald Trump, for Republicans to stand up and say enough, for the rest of us to lose our minds, to do something.

Silence has literally killed tens of thousands, of our fellow Americans. Their lives mattered. We must NOT allow their deaths, to have been, in vain. IF you give two damns, stop wringing your hands, open up your mouth, and SAY SOMETHING. If not for me, do it for someone you care for. Death will come, for someone you know. It will. In the meantime, care for those of us who are daily affected.

Your fellow American and sister,



I’m exhausted. Have been exhausted since watching 8:46. Truth be told, I have been exhausted, for the past 51 years. Tonight, I was talking to a black male friend of mine. He shared how EXHAUSTING it was, living in this world, as a black man. I shared how utterly EXHAUSTING, it is, having to live in this world, as a black woman. For him, he is viewed as a THUG. For me, I am viewed as an ANGRY, BLACK WOMAN. Dammit, I AM angry. I have every right to be. I am soooooooooo truly angry that our precious KINGS, are viewed as no more than THUGS and trifling.

Most black/brown men, would give you the shirt off his back. And, they have done so, many times. Most black/brown women, would run through a wall to fight for ALL children. And, we don’t discriminate. We would, beat the holy hell out of ANY that would cause harm, to a child.

I wish that. Dammit, I am TIRED OF WISHING!!!!!

I’m exhausted…..sigh….I’m exhausted. I can’t breathe. Alas, I shall, scrape my tired/troubled heart, from off the floor and will post these words to as many places as I can. In hopes, that folks will see. Hell, in hopes that WHITE America, CORPORATE America, will read these words, hear, act and tell me that Black Lives Matter, that MY life matters. I am highly exhausted, and ticked off, that I find myself, STILL waiting for America to make me free.

ENOUGH ALREADY!! Alas, I reread these words, and find myself hopeful, yet again, that somebody, somewhere, somehow, is listening and will do something, dammit! Exhausting. Think I will post this, to my blog, and call it…..Exhausting.

To be continued…