Life is short.

We only get ONE go around.

No matter how it goes. We don’t get to learn lessons then get a do over.

The ONLY thing we have is THIS moment. We have no idea how many more moments we have.



REFUSE to live this life by barely scraping by.

REFUSE to settle for just settling.

REFUSE to give up.

REFUSE to waste even ONE more moment on distracting your way through life.

Tell defeat to:

Kick some rocks!

Tell fear to:

Take TWO seats.

Tell discouragement to:

Hey! What the world you listening to discouragement for????! Tell discouragement to kick rocks AND take the whole damned row!!

I mean it.

Get off your hind end and LIVE!

So, you failed? So, what!

So, this or that did not turn out that way or this way! So, what?!

So, the world said you couldn’t do it so you didn’t. So, damned what!?

How LONG are you going to punish yourself, others, by refusing to LIVE?!

Cry, if you must. Rant, if you must. Then, you MUST get off your hind end and…


‘Nuff said.

Get going, beloved. Life is waiting on you….

loving me some you,



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