Nuff said…

The week is at it’s end.

You have done your all.

You have given all you have to give.

You have lived your best life, in the best way you know how.

You have taken the high road, ALL week, when you have wanted to tell folks to go kick some rocks, already!

It is enough.

YOU have DONE enough.

Time to:




The world will do what it will. God and Life has got ALL under control. Thanks, in part, to your faith, your love, your effort, your TRY.

Enjoy your weekend.

Give yourself the pat on the back you richly deserve.

KNOW, of a surety, your voice matter, your thoughts matter, your hopes and dreams matter.

You are:



Prayed for.

Fought for.

EVERY day. Every one.

Be at peace.

His and yours,



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