Hey YOU?





Yea, I was talking to YOU!

The YOU that has been weary. The YOU that has been on the verge of:

Giving up.



Your, hopes.

Your, dreams.

Your (fill in the blank).

You got this.

Did you hear me?

Did you HEAR me?!

You got this, beloved.

You CAN.


You just have to keep it moving, beloved. Beloveds.

No matter the hard. No matter the what. No matter the way.

It doesn’t matter.

One foot, in front of the other.

Just ONE, beloved.

You can do this.

You can DO this thing, called life.

Don’t give up.

Not, yet.

Not, now.

Not, on you.

Not, on Life.

Not, on God.

Not, on your family.

Not, on your friend(s).

Not, on your job.

Not, yet.

A little longer.

Just, a bit longer.

How long?

Doesn’t matter.

The matter is that YOU matter and that you continue to matter and care about the thing that TRULY matters.

Which leads me back to the beginning…

Hey YOU?

Yea, I was talkin’ to YOU!

Lift up your head.

Straighten your back.

Reach out your arms.

RECEIVE what IS coming for you:





New Beginnings.

They are ALL for YOU.

YOU deserve them.

YOU deserve to be loved.


Because you are. 🙂

This is YOUR time.

I pray for you.

I rejoice for you.

I love you.

You are my people. I am yours. Time we all come together, in love, dontcha think?

Give some YOU away, today. Someone needs the love that only YOU can share from that precious and priceless heart of yours.

YOU can do this.

YOU will do this.

His and yours,



P.S. If my life matters to you, let me know. EVERYONE needs their love tanks filled. I try to fill folks, on the daily. If you ‘like’ a sista, how about start talking to her? She has been waiting. Bring a friend. Let us give to one another, eh? Silent readers are great. Loud readers requested. BE loud with me, okay beloveds?

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