Real talk: Play.

It may, or may NOT be true, depending on who you listen to, or who be snitching, that I am sitting here, in my undies, drinking coffee, blasting Hillsong’s ‘Through it All’, in semi darkness, bathed only in the glow of my candle warmer…..*shiver*….awesome!!

My heart woke me. She wanted, to play. No, she NEEDED, to play. It had been a super, long, super duper, heavy week. My! Now, today, this morn, in the dark, in my undies, my heart rejoicing, in the day, in the NEWness of the day, needed to play.

No idea when ‘play’ became the enemy of rest. Okay, I DO know. Just not wanting to get all philosophical and teachie, this morn. I am playing, remember? We shall get to that, in a bit. Or, not….*shrug*….I am playing. Which gets me ’round to my original wordplay….hehe…love when I do that. Play, on words, I mean. See!? I did it again!……hahahahhaah… on words…..*Cassandra thinks she is just the hoot this morn*…..

Sadly, most folks are spending their days, just about ALL of their days, toiling, working, working, working, working, working, working. Rinse. Repeat.

They are hiding behind work, using work to cover the multitudes of sins:




On and on, I could go. Won’t though. Nope. Nada. Not, today. Not, now.

It’s time to PLAY.

Time, to release the hard of the day, week, year, years.

Time, to shake off the weight.

Time, to give ourselves PERMISSION to live, if only for just a short minute or two.

Time, to swing our arms wide.

Time, to thrust our hearts to the heavens.

Time, to laugh, with shrieking, super LOUD, shouts of pure joy.

Time, to…..*shrug*…..however you play, just time to PLAY, beloveds.

God and Life, are, right now, at play, with me. Awaiting, you. We are in the midst of a finger painting battle royale. I smeared royal blue ALL over Dad’s face, gave Him a big hug and took off. Life, snatched up some red and is currently looking for me. Don’t tell him where I am hiding, okay?



Hey, there! It has been a while, eh? Shhh! I think Gabriel and Michael are on God’s Side. I just saw them tiptoe, around the corner, with some deliciously awful shades of military greens and greys…eww…..

*Cassandra crouched behind a couch*…..ppsssst……over here…..come on out, beloveds. Play a bit. Life is short….yikes….*Cassandra tears off, in search of some playmates. Jesus goes streaking past, yellow paint making a trail straight to His Hiding Place*…..*Cassandra shakes head*….Rookie move………..

This is the day the Lord has made. I SHALL rejoice and BE glad in it…..

loving me some you and Him,



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