He plays with ME. Wow.

God plays.

With me.

With ME!


I am a different breed of cat, as they say. I enjoy goofhead things. I ENJOY being a goofhead. Most folk, though, either are too uncomfortable, too annoyed, or too something or other to allow me to, well, just be my goofhead side. I need to BE, her, at times.

In times past, I would quiet her, silence her. I didn’t want her embarrassing folk, annoying folk, getting in their way of their super serious side. Yet, I ALWAYS wanted to just be able to BE, this part of me, around folk. It’s the side of me that tickles me, the most.

I used to get angry with that side of me. She was FOREVER getting glares, stares and what not. Where ever she went. Dammit, she was loud. She IS loud. Always has been. Always will be, I suspect.

This part of me, the super goofhead part of me, Jaybird, now, Sweetpea(someone I love with all my heart gave me this nickname recently…*delicious shiver), loves:

Dancing in her underwear in complete darkness(don’t judge me)

Making a ton of precooked bacon and eating it like potato chips(True story, just ask Howard…*shrug*…don’t judge me, Howard!)

Eating fried chicken just about EVERY day. Okay, you may judge this. Great to do, though. Am tellin’ ya. ALMOST as good as eating bacon like potato chips! A bit crispy but NOT burnt.

Yakking earnestly, for hours, in pitch darkness to God, Jesus, Life, whoever is up at 3 am, about the upcoming NFL season. Yasssssss!!!

Making my Google Mini do stupid things, in the middle of the night, such as turning ALL the lights on and off, telling me jokes, switching from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ cuz….well, just cuz I can….*shrug*…is that weird??

Using my microphone, which I previously bought for the serious task of podcasting(when I learn how), and talking into my Dragon software to save my hands, to turn my goofhead into THE most awesome singer around!! It may or may not be true that I was just finishing singing a fantastic concert, along with Hillsong. I am tellin’ ya I can belt a good tune whilst singing into this magic microphone! Turns my ‘joyful noise’ into…okay, it is STILL joyful noise but so much fun singing into the microphone and not having to use a hairbrush…

I could go on and on about this side of me. The best part of this me, is the freedom, the joy, the love, I feel FOR me, by allowing myself to be fully free, fully me, ALL THE WAY ME!…..*hugs self*….

I used to get sad when folks wouldn’t let me be me. Sad, for me. Now, I find myself sad, still, but for THEM. Sad, folks don’t seem to know HOW to be, fully them.

Fully loving themselves.

Fully accepting, themselves.

I want to tell them not to be so hard, on themselves. I want to let them know that it’s okay they are currently stuck, unable to just BE, themselves. Many are afraid of their inner ‘goofhead’. I pray for them. I pray for us, all. Pray that we be good to us, as we make our way, through this world.

In the meantime, I am grateful. Grateful that God, that Life, not only allows me to be fully me. They REJOICE with me, whilst I am in the midst of play, of yakking, of eating bacon, of loving me, of loving life, of offering myself, in play, to others.

I used to be lonely, when folk would not allow me to be this part, of me. No, longer. Now, I continue to be her, to be me. I:

Dance, in my undies.

Write, in darkness, by the light of my phone.

Laugh, for no reason.

Shout stupidness, to my Google Mini.




All with God and Life, in tow.

How great is that!???

HOW GREAT IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!???


Life is short, beloveds.



Let God and Life love you back.

Let others love you back.

loving me some God, Life, Me AND you,



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