Alone: A shepherd.

Am feeling alone, today. Not, lonely. Just, alone. A sheperd. Helping God and Life to gently usher the little ones, back to the rest of the herd, where there is safety.

Jesus loves all. Yet, His Greatest Concern, is for the stragglers, the lost sheep, those who stray a bit, from the safety the other 99.

I love the scripture that speaks of the shepherd going in search of the one. He loves that one, that straggler, that stray. He wants them safe. Needs them home.



Home…*sigh*. We are all, all of us, just trying to make it home, are we not?

Home sure can seem awfully far away. We get to wondering, to wandering. Until, we find we are no longer home’s. We have wandered, a bit, found ourselves out of eyesight of The Shepherd.

Yet, here He comes! Relentless, in His Pursuit, in His Love for US. He just wants us safe. Just wants to protect us. Just wants us near to Him. As, we are dear, to Him.

The Shepherd loves me! Ah, He loves me. He came, for me. He has set me free. And, now, free, I am become His companion. His friend.

Now, I tend the flock with Him. We roam, He and I. Looking for the weary, the tired, the lost, the lonely, the hungry, the broken, the empty ones. Looking to get them home, to safety, to healing.

Today, all seems quiet. I think I see 100 so I am resting, now. I am set apart. Alone. The quiet is peaceful.

Yet, in the quiet, I feel my aloneness. Yes, ministering to the one, I find myself, still one, still in need of The Shepherd’s Love, His Care. I am alone…

What is this!?

Ah, The Shepherd has arrived. For, me. For ME! Seems I had wandered, a bit, as I was wondering where I fit, in such a large world. Where is my tribe? Where is my posse? Where is place? Where do I fit?

These musings, all necessary, all new, can have one wandering. Wandering is necessary to FIND one’s place. It can get scary, though. We have no idea where we are going. We wonder, as we wander, if we are lost, if we have missed a turn, if we will ever ‘get there’.

We shall get there. We just have to keep going. Alone. Yet, not. The Shepherd, is ALWAYS near. For, we are dear. To, Him. Our lives matter, to Him. We are so much more than JUST one. We are not JUST anything, to The Shepherd.

We are, to Him:








A million things we are to Him.

Returning home, with Him, my tiny hand held tenderly, gently, solidly, in His Nail-scarred Hand, I am reminded of His Awesome Sacrifice made. For Me. In order that I can be here, now, next to Him. Going, home. Helping Him, to get others home.

There! I see another. She seems lonely. A bit tired. Look, there! Another. Oh, he looks so thirsty.

Would you do me a favor and help me tend to them? There are so many.

Seems like I have forgotten I was alone. Turns out, The Shepherd was always there. He always will be.

For all the shepherds, out there, as you wonder and wander, remember you are not alone.

For all the stragglers, the strugglers, the strays, the angry, the hopeless, the hungry, the needy, the needed, KNOW, of a surety that The Shepherd is near. He is looking for you. He shall be along, shortly. Hang in there, til He come. In the meantime, here, I shall sit, with you. So, you won’t feel so lonely. He is coming, for you, beloveds. Receive Him. He loves you. You be loved. Let Him.

here as best I can,



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