You are amazing.

You are amazing.

Yea, YOU. If your eyes have landed, on this page, I was talking to you. 😎

Nope, you didn’t have to DO anything.

Why are you amazing, you ask?

The fact you may even HAVE to ask makes me sad. I used to wonder the same thing, about me.

Used to beat myself about not being ‘enough’. Not HAVING enough.

Enough, what? 🤷‍♀️. Beats the heckamiah outta me. Apparently, society, dumbskys, people, situations, hell, even you AND me, has advised one must have this, surely must do that, and for heavens sake, give that BEFORE one can be…well, enough and/or amazing.

Thankfully, God and Life, in their Relentless Love and Pursuit, of me, filled me, to the brim with love, joy, peace, wonder to the point where, well, I feel amazing, cuz They let me know, showed me why, I was amazing!

Now, I am a tellin’ ya! Yasssssss!💃

You are:






In fact, beloved, beloveds, you are REQUIRED. This life just would NOT be the same. Not without you.

This world NEEDS what you have to give. Only ONE you, boo.

Time you stopped hiding that awesome heart from the world, dontchathink?

Life is short. Get on out there and LIVE, won’t you?

You can do this thing, called life. Yes, it gets tough, at times. Yea, it can get awful lonesome. Yet, it is amazing. As are you.

Brings us full circle…

You are amazing.

‘Nuff said.

Be encouraged.

Remember, you are not alone. Never have been. Never will be. You just gotsa look around and see all the love and joy and care that awaits you.

God and Life won’t beg you to allow love and joy in.

Whatcha waitin’ around for?!

Get it!

Loving me some you,



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