Help me to see Your Hand, when I can not hear Your Voice.

I am not satisfied.

God and Life keeps saying there is more to this life I have been living.

They are right.

The more free I get, the more I want to experience LIFE. ALL of it.

The good days and the tough days.

The awesome moments and the rough moments.

I want to give myself away.

I want to receive:

From, God.

From, Life.

From, my fellow man.

From, my family.

From, my friends.

Mostly, from, me.

I want to receive:







I long to have:

A home, on the ocean.

Financial Freedom.

A year’s sabbatical where I do nothing but write, write, write, write, hang out with God and Life, on my ocean home, due to my financial freedom….*sigh*.

I would love all of these things, and a few more, immediately, right now, tomorrow.

There are things I have prayed for, asked for, waited for, longed for, needed.

Prayed and prayed.




It is during those times, these current times, times where I can not hear Dad’s Voice, God’s Voice, Life’s Voice, that I ask “Help me to see Your Hand, when I can not hear Your Voice.”

God and Life are NOT being mean, when They are silent. They ARE working, intently, FOR our good. For, your good. For, my good. Yet, waiting can get awfully hard, can’t it? God’s Silence. Life’s Silence, can feel terrifying close to indifference. Indifference, in turns, then can lead us to feelings of being ‘not enough’. Not enough to be tended to, listened to, ministered to.

It’s important to know the silence is just that. Silence. The work is STILL being done. For, you. For, me.

We just have to hold on, in the meantime. To, His CHARACTER. To, His Deep and Abiding Love. For, you. For, me.

Surely, I am not the only one, in need of a bit of encouragement, Father. Help me, to see Your Hand, when I can not hear Your Voice. Help others, to see Your Hand, when they can not hear Your Voice. Give us grace, to face these silent moments. Give us wisdom, to KNOW our words, tears, heartfelt pleas/asks/questions/frustrations/sadnesses have ALL been heard. Amen.

Life is short, beloveds. Don’t allow the silence to get you down. His Love speaks loudly. Listen. Hear.

Be encouraged. As, ever shall I be.

His and yours,



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