Knowing the why, helps you do the what.

I am a question asker. I work God and Life’s nerves forever asking…

“Why does this do this?”

“Why did that do THAT!?!”

My bro, bless his heart, sent me a Mini Google, and I now spend ENDLESS hours, asking Ok Google THE most ridiculous questions in the wide world. That, and making her endlessly turn lights on and off, the warmer on and off, make her play me songs, movies, on and on. Trust, I could spend another post yakking about my Google Mini….hmm…..*Cassandra makes mental note to post and yak endlessly about her Google Mini*

“Okay, Google. Remind me to remind myself to make a post yakking about you”….*shrug*….don’t judge me!

Oh, yes, I was going on about asking in order to find out the why of the thing. And, yes, I am back to playing with my commas. Someone posted, recently, about writing etiquette and some such. Which now has me being a rebel and putting commas where the hooey I want to put them. :). Kidding, kind of, yall. I shall be kind and allow you to breathe by putting in some commas, here, and there…whew……

In my new position, there are many, many, many things I have to do. So, when they trained us….well, they needed folks, in a hurry, so really didn’t train us in the ‘why’ of what we needed to do. Just the mandate to DO and figure out the why, later.

This led to soooooooooooooooooooooooo much frustration, for me, I put my foot down and advised this was a deal breaker. I need to know the ‘why’ in order to do the ‘what’ well. After a meeting, of the minds, I was redirected to get to the ‘why’ and wherefore of my new position. Whew!!

Lately, I have been pondering on, marinating in, reflecting about, mooning over, WHY, I want the things I want. WHY, I do the things I do. WHY, I long for this. WHY, I daydream about that. It has been:











Plus a million other ‘ings, figuring out my WHYs. I highly recommend folk trying this. You may be surprised at what you find out.


For you to find out….lol….*Cassandra thought this last why was really clever, on her part*…..why? Just cuz…. 🙂

Long story, short? LIfe is so very much easier when one knows why one is doing something. Otherwise, it is much too easy to get swept up and away doing other folks ‘why’. Best to be about doing your own, don’t you think?

For many years, I did the ‘why’ of the world, the ‘why’ of my parents, the ‘why’ of my job. The ‘why’ of…heckamiah I did the ‘why’ of God only knows who/why!?

It feels awfully good to be FREE, to be FULL.

Free, to chase my own ‘why’.

Full, to give of myself in order to help one or two or ten find their way to his/her/their ‘why’.


Cuz, I love you.

Keep going, beloveds.

We got this.

God and Life has us all.

In His Care and by His Strength,



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