Real talk: Take it all.

From, the beginning, the enemy, satan, has been trying to, threatening to, using every while/guile, in his arsenal, to take all, from me, from you.

From, the beginning, the world, has been trying to, threatening to, using every while/guile in it’s arsenal, to take all, from me, from you.

From, the beginning, they have been lying to us, mystifying us into believing we are not good enough, we don’t have enough, we won’t ever BE enough.

From, the beginning, they have taunted us, haunted us, refused to give up their quest, to defeat us.

they: You will lose. Everything.

Me: Take it all. For what God and Life ALLOWS you to take, I no longer need. ALL things work for MY good. NO weapon, formed against me, shall prosper. Take it all.

From, the beginning, God has been loving us, fighting for us, reminding us, we are not alone, we are love, sent His Son, Jesus, into our lives to let us know we are enough, we could never do enough to earn the love, care, freedom, protection, joy FREELY given, to us and for us.

From, the beginning, Life has been trying to, seeking to, working to ensure we have enough, reminds us we are enough, shouts from the heavens we SHALL be enough!

From, the beginning, They have entreated us, beseeched us, encouraged us, refused to give up Their Relentless Quest to defend, protect, to love us.

They: the enemy, the world, shall try to take all from you:

Your, joy.

Your, peace.

Your, hope.

Your, dreams.

Your, present.

Your, future.

Your, worldly possessions.

Your, security.

Your, safety.

Your, faith in:




Your fellow man.

We shall protect all you need.

Me: So long as I have You, I shall always have everything. Take it all.

As a woman, the enemy, the world, has done everything to take everything from me. they have tried to convince me that, as a woman of color, I am angry, too loud. As a 52 year old woman, I am too old, too slow, too this or too that.

Being faced with financial ruin, not of my own making, I initially panicked. I was tired of having things taken away. In the end, those things are just, well, things.

Take every dollar I have. Take every possession I own. Take every friend I have. I will STILL have it all.

For, as long as I have God, Life, Jesus, Yikes!, Egads!, Geez!, me, why, I have it ALL. I have family, friends, folks who care. For ME!

Where ever I go, however long I live, however much I have or don’t have, I have Them, They have me. Therefore, I am free. Take it all.

Life is short. Best live it, whilst we have it to live, eh?

Time to live your life, free from fear. Let the world do what it do, beloveds. You keep on being free. Keep on doing you. Keep on BEING you.

You got this. As do I. God and Life has us all.

til we all see our breakthroughs I pray,



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