Real talk: Here for you, as best I can.

2020 was hard. For all of us.

2021 has been hard. For all of us.

Life, situations, circumstances ALL showed up to, well, kick us all, in the face. They made us sit up, take notice, and to decide what we believe in, what we will/do stand for, who/what we will fight for, support, and love.

We have been asked, each of us, to look within us, to look outside of us.

We have been asked to CHOOSE to:


Not care.


Not love.

Our faith, hopes, dreams, beliefs, and all manner of things, have been tested, tried, exhausted. Some of those things, we have found wanting. In, ourselves. In, others.

The weight, of the world, has weighed, heavily, upon my heart, mind, soul and spirit. The weight, of this weight, has taken such a toll, on my heart.

It has been so very hard, beloveds. To know, what to say. To know, what to do. In this time. In this place. As a black woman. As a ‘person of color’. As a person who loves the Lord. Who has seen how folks have taken the word ‘Christian’ and have twisted it into meaning not intended for those who love and care for others.

I have wondered, I wonder STILL why God has not told His Folks to get some act right, to love like they KNOW they have been called to do. My heart has been heavy, watching folks dismiss, one another. Seeing how folks have seemingly chosen to ‘be right’ instead of choosing ‘to love and understand’.

I wonder if my black life, really does matter, to other races, to the white race, quite frankly. The evidence, the actions, appears to be no. That said, I choose to believe, they DO care. That they just don’t know HOW to bridge the divide, among and between us.

I CHOOSE, as a black woman. A STRONG black woman. To:






ALL I have to give, beloveds, is just ME. Just, my care. Just, my love. Just, my hope. Just, my joy.

These things, may not seem much, to many, to most. Yet, I give them. In hopes that some, might receive. In hopes that some, might know and understand: They are loved, they are cared for.

I am HERE, best as I can, for folks. Here, for you, best as I can.

I have no idea, if these words will matter. To any. To you. Yet, I give them, still. To all who may receive them.

I, care.

I, love.

I, hope.

I, give.

You are:


Cared for.




Hoped for.

Fought for.

Prayed for.

By, me.

By, Life.

By, God.

Be encouraged. Your life DOES matters. Your thoughts, hopes, dreams, feelings matter. Keep on daydreaming. Keep on moving towards your future.

You CAN and you WILL.

As shall I.

We got this.

Best as I can, I got you. I have your back. Hopefully, one or two or ten, have mine. πŸ™‚

take care,



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