Now what!?

Circumstances acted a fool on me, today.

Today, I stood.

Now what, circumstances?!

You, do NOT run this.

You, do NOT run me.

You, circumstances, shall run from me.

Situations cut up on me, today.

Today, I trusted.

Now what, situations!?

You, do NOT own this.

You, do NOT own me.

You, situations, shall be owned by me.

Now what?!

I am not afraid of you. I laugh at you. You cause me to grow. You force me to fight.

You give me new opportunities to stand, to trust, to show you how much power you actually have over my life:


Kick rocks, circumstances and situations! I do not fear you. I welcome the hard lessons I learn from EVERY blow you make, from every chance you take to diminish me.

The ONLY things I lose, in these skirmishes, are my fear and my pride. Those, you may have. I have no need of them.

Now what?!



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