Waiting for the spatula.

I looooove food. Love it!…*hugs self*

I think I love it, more because of watching mom cook. Watching her, learning from her, laughing with her, as she tried chicken, baked awesome pies, prepared mouthwatering cakes!…*hugs self*

I especially loved cake baking times. The smells. The sounds of batter being whipped furiously within the mixing bowl.

I listened to the whisking sound, day dreamed of the scrumptious cake to come.

ALL the while, hovering near, hoping, daring to dream, of the moment when mom would expertly pour the creamy, golden batter into the pan I had proudly been allowed to prepare by coating in flour and EXPERTLY patting the extra flour away…*hugs self*

It was ONLY then that mom would scrape the bowl, with her well worn spatula, leaving just enough batter, on the spatula, for a tantalizing taste of cake.

NOTHING compared with her handing us the spatula, with a smile, as we slowly licked that spatula clean!

Surely, she gave more then the spatula should have held. Why, she scraped EVERY last drop of batter, from the mixing bowl.

The spatula, though…!!💃

I would dance around the room, with said spatula, acting as though I had won an Olympic Gold Medal.

I had won! Chosen to have the spatula. I almost felt bad for he who came in second…*shakes head sadly*. They were left with the scraped clean bowl. Poor dears.

Those memories, those I hold close to my heart. The same way that I am holding on to yesterday, STILL, not wanting to turn loose my ‘spatula’ given me by mom(from heaven), God and Life.

The moments, even the terrifying flying down the mountain moments, have meant so much I can’t turn them loose.

Am licking each and every drop from this day, from these moments, from my heart, from God’s Heart, from Life’s Heartbeat as I can.

Although, I anticipate the coming ‘cake’ with gladness. I am enjoying the NOWness, of these moments. They shall NEVER come again, in this way.

Life is short, beloveds. Enjoy your moments. Relish your ‘spatula’. Enjoy the cake, when it arrives.

UNTIL your ‘cake’ comes:




Allow God and Life to Live, Love and Laugh with you.

Keep going.



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