Breakfast at midnight Part II

Yesterday was sooooo delicious I could NOT let it end. In fact, it was so delicious I HAD to extend it into today!

Just can’t let these moments go. Life is soooooo very short. I am squeezing EVERY moment to it’s limit.

Breakfast was so delish, well, just HAD to rinse/repeat…*hugs self*

Circumstances still working the last nerves. Situations trying to try me. The world forever doing it’s utmost to convince me that MY voice, MY TRY, MY particular personality, has no sway in this world.

HA! Kick rocks, I say back!

I shall:

Eat breakfast at midnight.

Drive through terrifying mountains.

Yield to NO situation, circumstances, the world.


I shall:

Be, loved.

Be, free.

Be, ME!

You do the same, wouldja please and thanks?

Your life matters, beloveds.

YOU matter.

Your life was worth the death of a King.

That’s what’s up!!!!😎💃🔥

Keep going.

I go with you.

God and Life goes with and before us all.

Be encouraged.


Cassandra CARES

  • Real talk: What would you say? What would you say? What would you say, who would you say it TO, if it/they would be your last words? Who/whom, would you say the words to? What would you say? Knowing, upon completion’s end, your words, would be the last words this world would ever hear. Would you: Allow, pride, to keep … Continue reading Real talk: What would you say?
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  • Last one…
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! ‘Nuff said. Have an awesome, amazing, outrageous, relaxing, ridiculous weekend. I have done my part, have shouted into the void for us all, have done my work, have given my all. YOUR turns, beloveds. *Cassandra hands the mike/keyboard over. Love some folks, wouldja please and thanks? Can’t get to them all myself, dontchaknow? Be … Continue reading Last one…
  • Just cuz.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OMG!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I NEEDED a good laugh. How about you? Take a coupla laughs into your day and save some for the weekend, wouldja please and thanks? How can we NOT laugh? Life is good, even when it’s hard. Keep going. Cassandra #YourLifeMattersToMe
  • Just in case…
    True story about you. You are MORE than enough. The week has had it’s say. You have had your way, in this week, the best you could. Let your TRY, your LOVE, your EFFORT, be enough. You did your thing, this week. Time to lay down the effort. Time to rest. Time to breathe. Time … Continue reading Just in case…
  • Keep going.
    My thoughts EXACTLY this morning…hehe…. Have you had one of those mornings where you want to tell your positive attitude to positively shut the hell up already!? Hhmm….scuse me…..*Cassandra rushes off to make coffee. Apparently her want to went on ahead and went back to bed* We know return to normal broadcasting…. Where was I? … Continue reading Keep going.
  • Keep moving.
    There are days, weeks, months, even, when the LAST thing I prefer to do is to keep moving. Getting out of bed, is an effort. Making life, er, coffee, is an effort. Getting dressed, is an effort. Deciding what to eat for breakfast, is an effort. Having to eat, said breakfast, is an effort. Effort. … Continue reading Keep moving.
  • Live! Life is short. We only get ONE go around. No matter how it goes. We don’t get to learn lessons then get a do over. The ONLY thing we have is THIS moment. We have no idea how many more moments we have. Live. LIVE! REFUSE to live this life by barely scraping by. … Continue reading Live!
  • Not gonna happen….*shrug*…
    Nuff said.😜🤷‍♀️ 🤣 Life is short. Celebrate your greatness. Love someone, today, eh? You can start with me and keep it moving. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I crack myself at times. Be well, Cassandra #YourLifeMattersToMe
  • I am.
    I am. ‘Nuff said. So, are you. We don’t have to add, anything. We be fantastic all by ourselves. Just, as we are. Yes, we may not be, where we want to be, where we thought we would be, where we hope to be. Yet, we are: Enough. Again… I, am. So, are you. Folks … Continue reading I am.
  • Embrace YOU!
    Embrace YOU! Yea, I’m talking to YOU. The you that you don’t allow others to see. The goofy YOU. The outrageous YOU. The serious YOU. ALL of YOU! Time to get YOUR shine on. Time to own WHO YOU ARE. God and Life are PROUD of YOU, beloved. Yea, YOU. The goofy you. The outrageous … Continue reading Embrace YOU!

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