Let’s get after it.

Let’s get after it.

Let’s ATTACK and WIN this day!

No slinking in the back way, hoping for a good outcome.

Naw, we kicking down the front, DEMANDING situations, circumstances, doubt, fear, the enemy and ALL their ilk to bow to our say so, to give way to our hope, to give in to our joy, to turn loose our dreams, to say uncle to our enthusiasm.


NO time for hiding. NO time for giving up. NO time for giving in.

The ONLY thing we giving in to is the KNOWLEDGE we got this.

So, in having got this, how ’bout we go on ‘head and get it, already!

Life is short.

Live it.

Love in it.

Have peace through it.

Hold on to your joy in the midst of it.

Allow folk to love you, and love you some folks within it.

We got this.

God and Life has us all.

Don’t allow this life, this day, to get away from you without experiencing some joy, today. Be sure to get in enough laughs to sustain your heart. Love on yourself. You are NOT alone. Your struggles are NOT yours alone.

You are loved.

You are cared for.

You are prayed for.

This day.


So long as I have breath.

I cheer for you.

I walk with you.

walk with me,


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