Start again. Again!

PSA: This message may or may not contain a temper tantrum by journeys end…. 🙂

The day started out a complete and total disaster!…..ack!!!!!!!!!

Rather, I started out, out of sorts, and sorta outta hand, which made the start of the day a COMPLETE AND UTTER DISASTER!






Toldja a tantrum may emerge…..*shrug*…..

Did not sleep well.


Did not want to start the day on no sleep.


Drug my lazy can out of bed.


Too lazy to make coffee and began the work day…..big mistake…

Too lazy to make breakfast and began the work day……HUGE MISTAKE!

And, wouldn’t you know, circumstance and situations, seeing my discomfiture, decided to act a fool and my first work thing of the day I had NO CLUE HOW TO DO!!!!!!!

Fresh hell!….*stomps foot*…..*Cassandra talks herself off the to hell with all this I am going back to bed ledge and continues on with the day*

Finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Okay, someone else had to help me figure out what I was doing wrong. Ended up possibly doing the wrong thing anyway.


Frustrated, out of sorts, ready to tell the world to go kicks some rocks, I decided to get some act right, took a breath, and took five minutes to regroup.

My saving grace was keeping my music going the whole time. Stomped around, thought of kicking the garbage(thought better of the mess and kept my angry foot to myself), fussed at the dishwasher(already ran the dishes through), looked at the enemy combatant computer for having the NERVE to expect me to work today KNOWING I was up most of the night glaring at it knowing it awaited me, swatted the terror storm of gnats that came with the last storm, suffocated from the awful humidity, stomped to the ac and flipped it on, listened to super upbeat music, fussed it was too blasted happy given I was out of sorts and trying to stay mad and have an excuse to pout all day, listened to more uplifting music, forgot to remain mad, tapped my foot whilst working, found my out of sorts didn’t like not being paid attention to and outta sorts sorta made it’s way out the house.

*Cassandra does jig round the apartment. Cassandra tries to remember what the world she was out of sorts about and raging about*….hmm….*shrug*…..

After grabbing breakfast, some life’s blood, meaning coffee, the day right itself. So, I started, again. Again!

Who knows? I may well have to start again, again, yet, AGAIN!

Doesn’t matter how many times we start.

ALL that matters is that we start.

And, start again.

And, start again.

Don’t ALLOW a bad start to the day, to be the end of your day. Begin! Again! Find the good, in your day. You get yet another opportunity to grow, love, succeed, hope, have joy, live, love some more, have some awesome moments, have some terrifying moments, have some terribly upsetting moments.

I’m taking one of my moments to say ‘we got this, beloveds’.

Fear can kick rocks. Despair and discouragements can join fear and kick more rocks. If you need to get up in your feelings, get up in the positive ones. Tell yourself some truths:

You CAN make it.

You CAN take it.

You WILL succeed.

You WILL receive love.

You HAVE joy.

You HAVE peace.

You HAVE love.

You just have to receive these things.

That, and TRY, of course……..

keep going, keep TRYing, keep loving,

Cassandra STRONG

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