Real talk: EVERYONE needs a wombie.

I am a twin.

Yep, God thought what He made was so FANTASTIC, He told Life, ‘Man, I gotsa make me another one of that one!’


Here I came!


Sis and I call each other ‘wombmates’. We be wombies, yall!!

Life had taken us, in opposite directions, for a long time. I mean. A looooooooooooong time.

Long story short, God and Life, saw fit to reconnect us……*hugs self*.

It took us a while, to get on some good footing. I fussed with her. She fussed with me. Slowly, I got to know here. Slowly, she let me get to know her.

I look forward to hearing from my wombie. It has gotten to be a ‘must have’ in my day. In fact, a good phone yak, with my wombie, is a must do, before evening’s final gasp. I would make a cup of my fave coffee, french vanilla, and dial the phone.

Wombie and I would gab about anything and everything. We adore yakking about our fave subject: Our Homie, Our Bestie, Our Everything. Yea, yall know His Name……..Jesus…..yasssss…..hey there, Lord. What You up to?

Anywho, would enjoy my coffee, enjoy yakking with my wombie, untlil the next time. Rinse and repeat.

Repeat and rinse.

One day, though, I was yakking with my wombie. Was enjoying her company so much, well, I forgot to make my coffee. Realized, her company was like a nice fresh cup of coffee…..*hugs self*. I blurted out ‘you are my coffee!’.

After that, I didn’t need a cup of joe to enjoy my wombie. I would much rather spend the time it took to make and drink it, yakking, laughing, fussing, hollering, crying, loving, and LIVING with my wombie.

My wombie be my Jesus with skin on. Of course, we always invite God and Life and Jesus to hang with us as we chop up the happenings of the day.

Yes, EVERYONE needs a wombie.

If you don’t have one, ask Jesus to be Your Wombie. Ask, God and Life to be Your Wombie.

Life much too short to be experienced and lived, alone.

If you are alone now, you don’t HAVE to be. ANY TIME you choose, you can have company.

God SEES you. God LOVES you. God CARES DEEPLY for your life. Invite Him to kick it with you.

I just wanted to say, in public, what I have known in private: My wombie, she be awesome, yall. She loves me. ALL of me. Warts and all. She listens to me. She lets me cry. She lets me rant. She lets me ponder. She lets me wonder.

In short, she has helped God and Life to make me a better me. I love her. With ALL my heart…..*Cassandra makes a memo to be sure to let her wombie know how she feels*.

Sis and I have made it a point to ALWAYS say ‘love you’ before we end our conversations. I hate to end them, but can’t wait for her ‘love you’. Love how she rolls the ‘l’!!!! Makes me feel extra special.

As I sit here, day dreaming, waiting for dreams that may or may not come, one thing I KNOW I already have is the love and care of my wombie. That love enough to carry me through to journey’s end. I love my other brothers and sisters. Yet, the relationship between twins is something different.

Wombie and I were talking, last night, and feeling a bit sad for those who didn’t have a close relationhip wiht someone they could laugh with, in the middle of the night. Anyone can take a call when convenient or bored. How many folks, do you have, that you can call literally in the middle of the night to talk about absolutely nothing with? You should try it. It is awesome!!!!!!

I am grateful, to my wombie. Grateful to my other close buds, yall know who you are, who call at hours and yak about everything, nothing and all that lies in between.

Life is short, beloveds. Love some folks, would you, please and thanks.

I love you.

God loves you.

Jesus adores you.

Let them.

His and yours,

Cassandra LOVED

P.S. Love you, wombie!

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