Your moment(s).

The Olympic Trials are going on. Athletes, trying to fulfill lifelong goals, of being selected to be on the Olympic Team.

I love the Olympics. Love the Olympic Trials. I love seeing folks dreams fulfilled. Of making the team.

The Olympics, The Games, as they are often called, almost seems like a side note.

Thousands of athletes, straining to make just a few slots. To be selected, chosen, based upon their best effort, based upon their best try.

My heart goes out to the ones who don’t make it. They had the same goal. They gave the same full effort. Yet, THEIR try was not enough. They gave their all, all they had.

They fell short. They must wait, for more years, to try again. For many, for most, they only had the one shot. They only had the one moment, or moments, to show themselves worthy of being selected.

This world celebrates the ‘winner’, has very little, if no use for, those who have not won, succeeded, conquered, excelled.

What struck me, though, more than the winners and losers, was the notion that each athlete had fought, clawed and dreamed their way to what was most important: His/her/their MOMENT. All the athletes talked of was wanting the opportunity to try. They just wanted to TRY! Wanted to give their best and would live with the outcome.

It was amazing, seeing the gratitude, seeing the joy, seeing the enthusiasm when they realized their dream, their chance, their MOMENT, had arrived. Arrived from their hard work, from their tenacity, from their relentless pursuit, from their TRYing, even when there want to didn’t want to.

Each one, stepped to the line, took a breath, and let the MOMENT have it’s way with their TRY. God and Life cheered them on. Some won, most lost. ALL tried. ALL gave all that they had. There was great victory, in their TRY.

Tears were had. By the winners, by those who did not finish first. Yet, did they finish last? I think not. I cheered the ones who crossed the line, first. I hooted and hollered for all who passed the line, period.

Their effort, their TRY, was worthy to be celebrated.

There are dreams I hold in my heart that I have carried for more than 30 years. Things I would like to TRY. I just want to TRY. I may fall flat on my face. That doesn’t matter. I just want to give all I have, TRY best as I can, do ALL I can and see how things shake out.

Will I get the opportunity? Will my moment(s) ever come? I have no idea. All I know is I am asking God and Life for the opportunity, for the moment(s). Til then, I will continue to live, love, give ALL that I have, ALL that I am to the moment(s) I have, now.

I will give my all, to my job. I will give my all, to my family. I will give my all, to my friends. I will give my all, to God. I will give my all, to Life.

Will I win? Who knows. Who cares. The fact that I TRY, EVERY day, is victory, for me. My Awesome Father, God, loves me. HE LOVES ME! Life fights for me! Jesus is My Bestie, My Homie, My Got-It-Going-On-Like-Popcorn! HOW much more blessed could I EVER be???!!!


These moments we have, called life, are ALL the moments we get. We have no idea how many we have. We know not when the last will be. We have NO idea when those we love and care about will run out of moments.

These are YOUR moments. Time to get to the starting line, dontchathink?

starting with you,


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