All you have to give is ALL you have to give. May as well give all you have.

I’m too old.

I’m too young.

I don’t have the right education.

I don’t have the right connections.

I don’t have…

I don’t have…

I don’t have….

Seems like we can come up with a billion reasons to not do what we could do if we knew we could do with what we had to do the thing with!….lol…..

God and Life have equipped us with ALL we need to succeed in this thing called life. And, the extra things, to help us out, They can, have and shall provide for us.

We already have enough obstacles to overcome. No need adding in doubt, fear and their ilk.

Your best will be what is best, for your situations, your circumstances. All you need to do is to give all you have, TRY, and wait.

The outcome is not for you to concern yourself with.

All you have to give is all you have. Don’t give yourself such a hard time. Don’t compare your journey to other folks. Most of them hiding, existing, pretending anywho. You just keep on being you, doing you, TRYing, giving your best, loving best you can.

The rest will come out, in the wash.

Remember, beloveds, there is only one YOU. No one else has what you have to give. No one, but YOU can do what God and Life has called you to do. No one else, can be all YOU can be. There is NOBODY else like you. No one.

All you have to give, beloveds, is all you have. May as well give your all, don’t you think?

Don’t forget to cut yourself some slack today, and moving forward. Cut others slack, as well. We all doing the best we can.

Yea, we all get on each other’s nerves. We all we got, yall. But, we all we need!

Life is short.


living with you,

Cassandra FULLY HERE

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