You can. You will.

Don’t give up your TRY.

No matter what.

Don’t turn loose of your TRY.

No matter who.

Don’t dismiss the power of your TRY.

No matter where.

You can do this thing, called life.

You WILL do this thing.

ALL you have to do is to keep trying.

You don’t have to win, today.

Just, try.

You don’t have to succeed, today.

Just, try.

The miles are long, no denying this.

The burden is heavy, no getting around that.

Yet, ALL God and Life requires is your TRY.

That’s it.

THEY shall do the rest.

I must admit. I have cried more, today, then I have smiled. Yet, I HAVE smiled. At my TRY. My TRY is a bad mama jamma!

She absolutely REFUSES to quit. I admire her.

I didn’t want to stand today, TRY today. All I really wanted to do was to give in and let despair have it’s way.

Hecks no!!!! Told despair to go on ‘head and kicks some rocks! Please and thanks.

I will keep keeping on til I don’t have to keep on keeping on no longer.

How long will that be?…..*shrug*……obedience has no timetable. Time is irrelevant.

You CAN.


As shall I.

Keep going….


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