Be optimistic!

We fixin’ to cross the finish line, beloveds!

Be optimistic!

Look how far you have come!?

Look how much you have grown?!

See how much you have opened your heart.

See how far your faith has taken you.

Be optimistic!

ALL times pass. Both good and bad. This time is at it’s end, beloveds.


We almost home, yall. We fixin’ to pull up into the driveway of our dreams!

Til then, rock some tunes. Dance a lil bit.

Take time, from the pressin’, to let the situations, circumstances, nay saying jokers know of who they be messin’ with!

We may get down, at times. Yet, we NEVER quit. We NEVER give in. We NEVER give up.

For, we KNOW, we have got this!!!!


Be optimistic!

Tell pessimism, skepticism and all them other isms to go on ahead and kick some rocks!!

In the meantime, beloveds, don’t you EVER forget you are:








You changing lives, yall, just by being YOU. Just by using your TRY, EVERY DAY.

Your circumstances WILL bend to your will. They will. Just have to keep on keeping on til ya aint gotsa keep on keeping on, ya feel me?….trying to sound hip and cool. How did I do?…..hahahahahahahahahahaha!!


Laugh at fatigue. Ask it ‘what you all tired of chasing me for?’. I have a lotta more.

Shrug at hard times. Ask it ‘is THAT all you got for me? Child, please!’

Dismiss ALL things and peeps who tell you that you can’t make it, that you can’t take it.



Mark this day, on your calendar. One day closer, one step closer….

To what?

Only God and Life knows and They ain’t tellin’. Is for YOU to find out.

As for me and mine, well, I am fixin’ to get ALL God and Life has promised me.

How ’bout you?



I love you.

I love me some me as well.

You do the same, wouldja please and thanks?

Cassandra INSPIRED

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