Your efforts were NOT done in vain.

Your efforts, your striving, your TRYing has NOT been in vain.

Yes, it seems as though your efforts have come to naught.

Yea, the struggle still feels like a struggle and humungous waste of time.

Yea, the silence, the world, circumstances, situations all seem to be wondering why on earth you have not given up yet.

Yes, all this hollering, into this huge void, called life, seems to be resulting in the same old, same old.


We are ready to SEE something.

We are ready to BE something.

We are so ready to HAVE something.

Where are You, God and Life?

You promised to show up, to show out, if we did our part.

We are doing our part. When will You do Yours?

When…*sigh *.

Aha! The in the meantime, of this waiting, of this TRYing, of this striving, of this believing, of this loving, of this living, is getting a bit heavy.

God, Life, we need for You to show Yourselves, on our behalf. Fight for US, as we fight for You, for others.

We are not even sure if we can tell you how hard it is, living in the meantime. It’s not just that it’s hard, God and Life.

We can deal with the hard. It’s the silence, it’s the not knowing how long this time will last, it’s the not knowing of things will ever be as we hope or long for them to be.

We will keep TRYing God and Life. But, we need, rather we ask to see some signs, soon.

We could use some grace, some hope, some peace, and some joy, to help us keep on keeping on.

Help us to know that our efforts, that our TRY is not in vain. Help us. Help me. Help me to remember we got this.

We got this, beloveds. Keep going. No matter what. No matter where. No matter who.

Remember, you are NOT your broken pieces. You are NOT your pain.

You ARE:


A world changer.

A champion.

Believe. In YOU. God and Life believes in you. You got this. As do I.

Your efforts were NOT done in vain. You gave your heart. You gave your all. It is enough. As are you.

Don’t give up. Not quite yet. Stay til the end of the movie. It will be worth the wait.

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