Keep showing up!





Time to start over.


Time, to show up.



Time, to choose the starting line.



Time, to wonder:

Will today be the day where we get to win, finally?

Will today be the day where we lose, yet again?

Will today be the day where we give up on our dreams, on ourselves, on those never coming promises?

We won’t know, though, if we don’t go, if we don’t grow, if we don’t show up.

Showing up, EVERY day, is not easy.

Showing up, not knowing today’s outcome, is not easy.

Showing up, understanding we may lose the whole ball game today, is not easy.

Yet, we win, EVERY TIME, we push through, show up, and TRY.

The more we show up, the more we TRY, the more we come to realize how precious and priceless this ‘in the meantime’ can be if we but ALLOW it to be.

The more silent Life and God is during this ‘in the meantime’, the more I find out about me.

I find out how much I really do care. I find out at times I wish I didn’t care quite so much. I find how strong I am. I find how weak I actually am.

I find myself cheering me on more, doubting myself less. I find me giving myself more of a break. I find myself giving me less of a hard time.

We show up, at the starting line, hoping there will be folk cheering us on. We hope there are folk, hooting and hollering, along the way. We hope there are folk, waiting with a towel, an encouraging word, a hug, at race day’s end.

Often, we find, we have run, alone. Yet, again. We find, we have had to encourage ourselves. We find, we have to care for ourselves, at the end of the day.

The small victory, won, just in showing up, was viewed only by put own eyes.


Sure would have been nice, we think to ourselves, to have had a cheerleader, a supporter, a caregiver today.

Whats the point, we sometimes ask, to keep showing up when there is no one to support, cheer, lead us on?

Do we, then, show up for them, for us, for God, for Life, to be seen, to win, to gain trophies, to grow, to live?

Who knows. Who cares. You could ask me those questions ten times and I could give you 25 different answers depending on my mood.

The point is to keep showing up. No matter what. No matter why. No matter where. No matter who.

We can not win, the race, if we don’t show up, for the race.

Keep showing up, beloveds.

If no one shows up, but you, so what!

Keep showing up.

If no one believes, but you, so what!

Keep showing up.

If no one tries, but you, so what!

Keep showing up.

If you show up, and lose, today, so what!

Keep showing up.

You can do this, beloveds.

You CAN.


We will make it, together, eh?

God believes in you.

Life believes in you.

Won’t you, beloveds, believe in you? You have doubted you, long enough. How about some extra TRY, on your behalf.

Keep showing up.

I show up with you.

We got this.

God and Life has us all.

hanging in there with you,

Cassandra TRYing STILL

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