Your TRY is needed.

Your TRY is needed.

Your TRY is crucial.

Your TRY causes others to want to try.

Your TRY causes Heaven to try harder, on your behalf.

Your TRY is changing lives, is changing your own.

Even, when you can’t see, the outcome. ESPECIALLY, when you can’t see it.

See, God and Life don’t want you bearing a needless burden. They don’t want you thinking you are responsible for making the thing happen, for changing the situation or circumstances. Yes, your TRY helps God, helps Life, moves things along. Yet, it is God, it is Life, who does the thing, changes the situations and circumstances.

God and Life, are The Cooks. We be the servers. Servers don’t plan the menu. Servers don’t cook the meal. Servers don’t worry about the number of patrons. Servers serve. And, collect the tips! 🙂

ALL God and Life requires is your TRY.

Did you know, beloveds, your TRY is soooooo important, folks get jealous, the world doesn’t like it, the enemy detests it, circumstances and situations are terrified of your TRY.

So, they all gang up on you. See, they are desperate to keep you from KNOWING how valuable your TRY is, how CRUCIAL your TRY is. How we ALL need your TRY. Tell them to all go kick some rocks!

Don’t you DARE let others, situations, circumstances or any other thing or person lie to you and convince you that your TRY doesn’t matter, that your works and your words don’t matter.

They do.

YOU do.

Your TRY matters.

A great deal.

Beloveds, you may never see the results of some of your TRY. Is it only the results you seek? Or, do you TRY, do you LOVE, do you CARE, do you SHARE, to be of service?

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying in order to get an expected outcome. Nothing at all wrong with day dreaming and working towards the dream, goal, relationship, situation.

The trick, the challenge, the heartbreak, is the knowledge that our TRY may not give us the outcome we were looking for. In fact, the exact opposite may happen. Or, something completely unexpected may happen. And, THAT unexpected may not be to our liking.

Our TRY, that we were hoping would benefit us, may well benefit someone else and us not so much.

Can you be okay with the results of your TRY?

Do you TRY only to gain, for yourself?

Do you TRY only to gain, for those you care for?

Do you TRY, in order to gain recognition or accolades?

Do you TRY, so long as the answer is yes?

Do you TRY, so long as the situation, relationship, job is easy/comfortable/rewarding/(insert your own words here).

Will you continue to give your TRY, when the answer is no?

Will you continue to give your TRY, when the going gets rough and stays tough?

Will you continue to give ALL of your TRY, when finding out your TRY will only benefits strangers you will never meet, outcomes you will never receive, recognition you will never ‘earn’?

Will you hold your TRY ranson, until God and Life gives you things the way you think you SHOULD have them?

Will you without your TRY, from loved ones who have disappointed or hurt you?

Will you take back your TRY, from God and Life, when you think They have disappointed or hurt you?

Does your TRY comes with strings and conditions?

For God?

For Life?

For others?

For YOU?

Does your TRY have a shelf life? Is there a limit on how much of your TRY you will give/live?

Will you TRY, still, when God and Life asks you for the extra effort you don’t feel or think you have?

Will you give your TRY, to others, knowing some may dismiss, disregard, deny your TRY?

It’s important to be honest. With yourself. With God. With Life. It’s not easy. TRYing, trying, trying, trying, trying while hearing nothing, receiving nothing, having nothing….*sigh*.

Our TRY is needed, beloveds.

There are lives God and Life can only reach with YOUR hands, with YOUR heart, with YOUR love, and with YOUR TRY. This is why you are where you are at. Not to punish you. Not to make you wait, needlessly, endlessly. But, because others are in need of you, in need of your TRY.

Keep going, beloveds.

Keep TRYing.

No matter what.

No matter where.

No matter who.

Your TRY will be honored. Your TRY is being honored, now, even as you see no fruits of your labor.


Your fruits, your rewards, your crowns, your jewels, ARE being stored up for you, EVERY TIME YOU TRY.

Rewards gained, forever earned, forever changing your life and the lives of others. Just your TRY is changing you, changing your circumstances, changing your situation, changing your perspective.

Keep TRYing.

Keep loving.

Keep living.

Keep giving.

I try, love, live and give with you.

We got this.

God and Life has got us all.

His servant and your friend,


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