Real talk: stay PRESENT.

“I have NO idea how I am going to make it to Friday!”

That’s what I told my wombie, last night. ALL I saw was THREE MORE DAYS of existing, when I had barely scraped through Tuesday. Friday seemed so faaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr awwwwaaaayyyy!!!

Just thinking about it had me despairing….hmm……


Instead of staying, PRESENT, I was tornmenting myself imaging how hard the next day, then the next day, then the next day would probably be.

Fretted and prayed. Prayed and fretted. Realized, dummy, since you prayin’ what the world you frettin for???

Got some act right, right quick.

Prayed and asked God and Life for grace for tomorrow. Fought the night, to win the dawn. Lost, yet again…..*sigh*.

Yet, woke, still tired, but grateful/hopeful/joyful. God and Life had filled my morning with peace, THEIR Peace. No, I did not yet have peace of mind with missing mom and dad so. Yet, I had PEACE, in my heart, deep within my soul.

Peace my parents rested, in PEACE. Knowing this, well, it gave me peace. On top of this, God gave me His Love, His Peace, His Care. I felt LOVED, jamming to CeCe Winans, drinking coffee, thinking on good times I had with my parents, having a FANTASTIC cinnamon roll, getting geared up to attack and win my day.

I had completely forgotten about how I was supposed to be all tore up and despairing all day and the next day and the next day.


God and Life makes EVERY day, FOR us. To ENJOY. To LIVE. To LOVE. To GIVE. To RECEIVE.

Yes, the day may also contain some tough moments, some rough moments and on and on. Yet, those are just moments, beloveds. We do NOT have to ruin an entire day because some moments were rough. We have the rest of the day to make the best of the day!


Grief did NOT have the last word.

Loss did NOT have the last say.

God and Life did!


I am so very thankful I made the CHOICE to stay PRESENT. I did not waste the day reminding myself how tough yesterday was. Yesterday is gone. Today, is what I have. It’s ALL I have. I am doing my utmost to use it wisely.

I’m glad I did not hide, under the covers, away from my wombie, away from myself, away from God, away from Life. Have done that way too many times, in the past.

Life is short, beloveds. Stay PRESENT.

Worry not, about what tomorrow may bring.

WHATEVER tomorrow brings, it brings God and Life with it! How awesome is that???! How bad a day could it EVER be KNOWING you are not alone in it, with it?

Life is Good. Even when it is hard. ESPECIALLY when it is hard. The hard gives us new opportunities to stand, live fully, love relentlessly, give endlessly, rejoice constantly, work consistently.


Don’t fear tomorrow, beloved. Look forward to it. Keep moving forward. It WILL be worth it, in the end.

Keep on stretching, beloveds. Keep on enlarging your tent, keep on opening your heart, keep on making your circle larger and larger and larger to contain all the love, dreams, hopes that God and Life have prepared for you.

We almost there, beloveds. We almost there….

Keep going.

I go with you.

I love you.

Me. 🙂

Cassandra WHOLE

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