Believe, in yourself.

Believe, in your future.

Believe, love IS for you.

Believe, your dreams ARE attainable and worth having.

Believe, you will make it.

Believe, you CAN.

Believe, you WILL!!

Believe, ALL things really do work together FOR YOUR GOOD.

Believe, you are MORE than a conqueror, through HIM, who loves you.

Believe, you CAN, do ALL THINGS THROUGH Christ.

Believe, you win, regardless of how you feel.

Believe, in your present.

Believe, in your future.

Believe, your past strengthened, NOT weakened you.

Believe, you are covered, in love, by Love.

Believe, in your efforts. They SHALL bring forth their fruits, in their time.

Believe, God loves you.

Believe, God fights for you.

Believe, Life will give way to you.

Believe, your steps are protected.

Believe, beloveds.

God SEES you. God LOVES you. God CARES DEEPLY for your life.

As do I.

believing for and with you.



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