Celebrate you.


Look at you!

Go on ‘head, with yo bad self!!

Strut your stuff. 💃

Take a bow.

You livin’, beloved.

You doin’ you.

You handlin’ yo life bidnezz!!


Look at you!

You have:

Refused, to give up.

Refused, to give in.

You have:



No matter the cost.

No matter the why.

Look at you!!

Fear, has NOT defeated you.

Despair, cowers before you.

Discouragement…..well, you done told discouragement to go head and kick rocks, long time ago!


Look at YOU!! 😎

You living, you ain’t surviving.

You ain’t letting circumstances, see you sweat. Circumstances are now sweating you!

Take a bow.

Strut your stuff.

Know ye not, beloved, that ALL of Heaven is cheering you on. They sayin’ “Go on ahead, with your bad self!!”.

Know ye not, God and Life, are just swole, with pride, at your TRY, at your precious heart. They are honored to walk alongside you.

Look at you!

You got this!

Yea, you have had to catch your breath a time or two or ten or ten thousand.

No matter.




Celebrate you, beloved. You are NOT your broken pieces. Grief/loss does NOT get the last say, in your life. Victory SHALL be yours.

Who is like you?


There is only ONE you. Of all the world, in all the land, there is not another, made like you. You are the ONLY one who can do you as well as you do.

Hold up your head, beloveds. Rejoice. You got this. ALL of this. These present circumstances were just meant to help you fly. Eagles soar AGAINST the currents. Sailboats NEED the winds to keep them going. Diamonds are made when pressed. Gold is refined in the fire.

God and Life just making you piles of diamonds and gold, boo. Don’t sweat this small stuff. Yea, even the tough things bow to you. To, your TRY. To, your STANDING. Yea, the enemy don’t know what to do with you.

How can you defeat one who……….REFUSES TO BE DEFEATED!?

Celebrate you. Go on ‘head, with your bad self. ENOUGH giving yourself a hard time. Rejoice, in where you have come. Celebrate, where you are going. You going far, beloveds. Yes, we handlin’ bidnezz and doing work. How great are we??!!!

celebrating me,

Cassandra 😎💃❤🔥


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    I choose: To stand, no matter what. To TRY, no matter what. To love, no matter what. To give my all, no matter what. To persevere, no matter what. To laugh, no matter what. To hope, no matter what. I choose to: Trust, God. Trust, Life. Trust, my TRY. Trust, the folks in my life … Continue reading I CHOOSE…
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  • Today, was too heavy to carry, today.
    Today, was too heavy to carry, today. I gave it to God and Life, instead. Allowed THEM to carry this day, THEIR way. Laid my head upon God and Life’s Shoulders. Asked THEM to bear these burdens, and replace them with peace/joy/love, again. My burdens, They carried. Both told me to rest and allow THEM … Continue reading Today, was too heavy to carry, today.
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    Yesterday was sooooo delicious I could NOT let it end. In fact, it was so delicious I HAD to extend it into today! Just can’t let these moments go. Life is soooooo very short. I am squeezing EVERY moment to it’s limit. Breakfast was so delish, well, just HAD to rinse/repeat…*hugs self* Circumstances still working … Continue reading Breakfast at midnight Part II
  • Breakfast at midnight.
    I love bacon! FINALLY remembered to order bacon! YYAAAAASSSSSSSS! It was late. I had a satisfying Saturday. I had turned in, early, anticipating bacon, eggs, orange juice and coffee. Yummers! I couldn’t sleep. Just couldn’t get bacon and eggs off my mind. Bacon! Eggs! No work tomorrow! Hhmmmmm. Aha! No work tomorrow sounds an awful … Continue reading Breakfast at midnight.
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  • Let’s get after it.
    Let’s get after it. Let’s ATTACK and WIN this day! No slinking in the back way, hoping for a good outcome. Naw, we kicking down the front, DEMANDING situations, circumstances, doubt, fear, the enemy and ALL their ilk to bow to our say so, to give way to our hope, to give in to our … Continue reading Let’s get after it.

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