Rely on Your Help.

One of THE most awesome things to hanging out with God is when life is super tough, and you don’t think you can make it not even one more step, He steps in and is right there, with us.

That is, IF we remember to reach out, for help, for support, for love, when we are struggling.

I don’t know why it’s so easy to withdraw, to hide, when going through things.

We tell ourselves, like dummies, we don’t want to ‘be a burden’ to others.

So, we do a dumbsky, grab our capes…*sigh*…, tell ourselves “we got this”.

Only, to find out, we actually “don’t got this” and are stuck with the following choices:

Keep our dumbsky cape on and keep flying into walls or getting caught in a tree.

Keep our dumbsky cape locked in the closet, where it belongs, and lean upon Our Help, Our Strong Tower, Our Comfort, Our Comforter, Our Friend.

Thankfully, I chose the latter. Ran clumsily, loudly, shakily into The Arms of He Who Loves Me.

Yes, I still missed my mom, terribly so. Yet, His Comfort was soooooooo precious. So needed.

Felt like a little girl, lost in such a big world. Til, He scooped me up, let me know everything really would be okay.

I think why I struggle so much, at times, without mom, is she always told me, on my roughest moments, when I reached out to her, ‘everything will be alright’. Have needed to hear this, that everything WILL be alright, that I will be okay. Maybe, not today. Maybe, even, not tomorrow.

Yet, I KNOW Who holds ALL of my tomorrows. Who holds my todays. Who holds my tears, even the unshed ones.

It’s okay to not be okay, at times. It is NOT okay, though, to hide your heart, during those times. During tough times, especially during tough times, it’s important to rely on Your Help. You are NOT alone. You are not and were not meant to fight your battles, all alone.

You can. If you choose to. You can hide. You can go back to depending on yourself. You can choose to let the broken pieces to stay broken. God and Life understands and will understand. Will just be there, waiting for you. To get up and try again. To reach out, for support.

Your heart is not a burden. Never has been. Never will be. Your hurt, and what you go through, is just as legit as everyone elses’. Not sure when it became vogue to have to validate one’s hurts, in order to be deemed worthy of being seen, heard, and supported.

Rely on Your Help, beloveds. As will I.

we fight on,


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