Your time WILL come.

Waiting, on anything, can get hard at times.

Waiting, on life-changing things, can be:




Hurry up already and get here!!!

Feels like we are in a blasted waiting room, doesn’t it?


*pout *…*sigh*…

Seems like nothing good comes from waiting. What the world is up with all this in the meantime waiting?!



Truth be told, waiting is crucial. Waiting shows us, US!

Yea, anyone can hold on, for a while. Anyone can be positive and optimistic when thinking something is fixing to happen quick, fast, and in a hurry.

The longer the dream tarries, though, the farther the dream appears to be….well….dammit….it is taking toooooooo long God and Life!!!

*pout*….*sniff*….oops…..*Cassandra realizes she has NOT been PATIENTLY waiting and standing*….oops….*Cassandra gets some act right, right quick and remembers the entire ball game rests in her resting AND trusting God and Life to do Their thing*.


See, the waiting part, is crucial. God and Life could change my circumstances, could change your circumstances, in an instant.

This being the case, the question is WHY the waiting, still?

The waiting shows us who we truly are, what we REALLY believe, who we are ACTUALLY BELIEVING IN.

If we are trusting/waiting/believing God and Life, we can wait, patiently. We understand that true change takes time, effort, time, more effort, more time. Rinse and repeat.

Yet, if we have some doubt somewhere, our hearts and minds can tend to wander and then wonder. Wander around wondering if God REALLY does care, will Life REALLY change, will we REALLY be free of this, will be able to have that, will be able to go there and be that and….

Yep, the wait game plays it’s own games. The wait game, is a game changer. Is THE game changer.

For, it is the waiting, that we truly grow. In the waiting, we get to see what we are made of. We get to see what our temper is like. We get to see if we are truly committed to the things we are hoping/striving for.

We get to see how much we truly want the thing or the change. We get to find out if we are in this, for the long haul.

We also get to see what we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY think of the promises of God and Life, for our lives.

Yea, it’s easy enough, to believe good things happen for others. You see seeming ‘successful’ couples, businessmen or women. You see folks pushing strollers, when your arms are empty of children and or significant other.

Yea, you see folk with their significants( not sure if this is even a word but sounds good to me), and wonder where are YOUR significants!


It feels like we are running out of time, doesn’t it?


Of course, we are not running out of time. There is still time for us to do, have and be. Just takes time. And, waiting for things to be set right, set in motion, put in place, and the myriad of things that must happen before WE can happen.

The trick is in HOW we wait, not in the actual wait time. There really is no getting around the waiting.

It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering a nice meal. Do you want half cooked food? Do you want food hastily prepared and served just because you were too impatient to wait the requisite time?

It is NOT the cook’s fault that you rushed in, just at closing time. It is NOT the server’s fault, you were ‘too busy’ doing other things, those things now done, you want your meal, RIGHT NOW!

It is not the hostess’ fault you did not prepare for the wait time and now waiting to be ‘entertained’ whilst you wait.

Fact of the matter is this: It doesn’t matter what time you got to the restaurant. Doesn’t even matter what mood you were in, when you arrived. ALL that matters is you arrived, BEFORE closing. So, take a chill pill, and WAIT!

Wait for your meal to be prepared fully. Use the wait time to anticipate how great your meal will taste. Read a book. Talk to the person seated next to you. Say a prayer for someone, while you wait for your ‘meal’ to come. Listen to some tunes.

Speaking of tunes, I woke up a bit on the annoyed side. Not so much annoyed. Unhappy. Okay, not so much unhappy but….just found myself not wanting to wait for my time to be here. I just did not ‘feel like’ getting up and doing my current job, the new job I had to take after my old job was suddenly snatched away.

I found myself a bit miffed in being in this ‘in between stage’ of life. I never asked to be snatched out of the job I enjoyed. This new job, it’s okay, just not my heart’s desire job.


*sigh*. It seems I am no longer satisfied with how things are. Before, I was minding my own damned business, surviving life, helping others, encouraging others, but, well, just surviving, to be honest. I had a job I loved, an apartment with affordable rent, and was waiting around for life to show up and show out for me.

God and Life heard my silent screams of….no idea what I was silently screaming for. Just knew there was much more to the life I had been surviving. My spirit wanted to live. My heart wanted to try new things, see new places, fall flat on my face whilst I laughed at the dumbness I had gotten myself into.

Fast forward to the burning bush. If you have not read about the burning bush, please and thanks go back in the blog and read. 🙂

Fast forward to the burning bush, turning aside and now on fire, pun intended kinda sorta, to LIVE, love, do, see, be, yada yada.

Only problem, however, is God and Life, may have perchance, accidentally on purpose, may have left out the fact these things take TIME.

Fresh hell…*tiny pout*.

We didn’t get in survival mode, over night. We didn’t get in a rut, over night. We didn’t get in our fixes, over night. Why the world we think life will right itself, overnight, is beyond me.

Our impatience has been part of the problem, hasn’t it, though? If we were honest, just for a few seconds, we would admit we may have rushed this a bit, trampled hastily over that.

We said no, because the yes would have taken too long. We said yes, because we were in sucn an all fired hurry to get there already!!

We blasted through life, relationships, jobs, moments, situations, trying to hurry up and get to the end of the damned thing, forgetting WHY we were in such an all fire hurry in the first place and….

hmm…pattern seems to emerge here. Rush. Get in a mess. Pray for mess to be removed. God and Life says okay, tries to get us out of our man-made mess. We get in a hurry, grow impatient, shove THEIR Hands out of the way and proceed to make a bigger mess than the first mess ever made.

God and Life already factored our hard headness, our anxious, our (fill in whatever you like here), into the equation. Figured it in and added liberal doses of wait time so we can get some act right, act right, and correct things needing correcting, fixing things we can fix, letting go of things we have tore up too much to fix on our own.

God and Life don’t just want us free ‘for the moment’ or until we get into other or worse scrapes. God wants us FREE! WHOLE!

It’s in the wait time, in the meantime, we scrape off excess foolishness. We learn, FINALLY, to enjoy the journey. The journey, I have been and am learning, still, is the ball game. If you are truly living, not just existing, you find so many precious moments, in the meantime. You discover how loudly the quietness can be.

You discover your heart has been speaking to you, trying to speak to you, all this time.

Listening to the heart can get scary, though, can’t it? Alas, another topic for another blog.

Waiting forces us to listen:

To, our heart.

To, God.

To, Life.

To, those who TRULY care for us.

If we listen, if we wait, patiently, we SHALL have all we were meant to have. We SHALL do those things meant for just us to do. We SHALL have love, be loved, be able to show/feel/receive/give love.

We WILL, beloveds. We will.

Just takes time.

Be good to you, this time, won’t you please and thanks?

Give yourself the TIME it will take to move forward, move beyond, heal, grow, receive, do, have and ALL the wonderous things God and Life had prepared for you before you were even born.

Remember, your very life, your precious and loved soul, was worthy of the death of The King, Jesus. God, The Father, loved you sooooooooooooooooooooo very much, He sent His Only Son, to let you know how much you are loved, adored, fought for, thought of, revered, honored, accepted, received…..need I go on?

Why wouldn’t you, knowing these things, NOT have all meant for you?

You shall. Give it time. Give yourself time. There IS plently of time to for you. You haven’t missed the boat, missed the mark, and all the other sayings I could be saying, know what I am saying??….lol….

Rejoice, beloveds. Rejoice. You got this.

Take a breath. A deep one. Look around you. Look at how far you have already come. Don’t worry about the miles, yet to be. Those miles will take care of themselves. They are not going anywhere, trust me. They will be waiting for you. Ah, there goes that word again….waiting.

Your time IS coming. Your time is yet here. A paradox. The fact you are straining towards all your dreams are sure sign they are around the corner. Enjoy the journey. ALL of it. The anxious days. The quiet days. The frustrating days. The joyful days. The sad days. We only get one life. Enjoy it.

Enjoy you. God sure does. He enjoys ALL your quirks. He enjoys seeing how hard you try. He enjoys how much you care. Just enjoys you, period. You do the same now, okay?

In the meantime, I shall keep your heart in prayer. I shall continue to ask God and Life to bless you. I shall continue to ask for true healing, peace, love, joy, safety, sanctuary, love, life, love, life. Rinse/repeat.

Be still and know He is God and you are loved and your issues are ever before Him and ALWAYS on His Heart and Mind. As are you.

Be well and stay safe.



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