Tell frustration and in the meantime to go kick some rocks!

In the meantime…


Those three words! Ack!

They can be:




IF. Ah, if…

In the meantime, can ONLY be frustrating, maddening, discouraging ONLY if we allow the natural waiting, of life, to be so.

God and Life desires that we ENJOY this life. ALL of it. The exciting times. The supposed boring times. The excruciatingly long times. The tough times. The mad times. The sad times.

We only get one get around period in this getting around thing, called life.

No need wasting too many moments on frustrations over what you don’t yet have or have not done yet.

No need in driving yourself, and others, up ten walls over what should be or ought be or how come it ain’t already!

No need in lamenting, discouraging yourself, and others of all the ‘if only’ and ‘how come’ and all the needless, pointless, foolish things we waste precious moments on pondering all the whys and wherefores.

Since, we control NONE of these, best we get to telling them to go kick some rocks, already!

We SHALL have all that God and Life mean for us to have.

We WILL do all the things put before us.

We CAN do ALL things THROUGH He who loves us.

What in the world we all fretting about/for?!

We got this, people. We really do.

In the meantime, love on some folk. Starting with YOU. Cut yourself some slack, would you, please and thanks? You are doing best you can. Your efforts are being noted.

In the meantime, spend some time with folk you love. Hang out with God and Life. Spend some time getting to know you more and better.

Life is short. Best we get to living it…

…in the meantime.

I love me some you.

God loves you, beloveds. He truly does. Let Him.❤😎🔥



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