No Greater Love.

If you have not listened to CeCe Winans ‘Believe For It’ album you are missing out!!!!



Her song ‘No Greater’ makes me want to run through a wall or something!!!

The Love God has for us is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is NO Greater than HE!!!!

Jesus is the!

He is:





His Love for us is:





There is NO depth, He will not go for us.

There is NO place we can go that He is not already there. He goes with us, always. He goes before us. He looks out after us.

How great is that?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever you are going through, at this present time, know that Jesus loves Him some you. Whether you know Him or not, He KNOWS and loves you. Whether you receive His Love, it is there for you, regardless.

There is no low too low for Him to reach down and lift you up. No height that is too high for Him to reach, on your behalf.

You could search the whole world over and will NEVER find any beside Him, like Him, as bad as He. NOWHERE. NONE!!!

That’s what’s up, beloveds.

WE BE LOVED!!!!!!!!!!

We have unmerited love, peace, grace, joy available for us ANY moment we choose to receive them.

How great is that to know??????!!!!!!

Just wanting to share some good news, today. Someone needs to know they are valued, loved, cared for.

You don’t have to earn love. Is ready for you.

Be blessed, this day. As am I.

Cassandra LOVED


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