Love them/you a new way.

CeCe Winans – No Greater (Official Audio):

Sitting in my car, jamming to ‘No Greater ‘, yakking with mom, in my heart, out loud, just enjoying time with her.

Yes, I ache, not being able to be with her, physically. Some days, the ache aches so much it is almost a physical one. I want to snatch my heart out, want to hold it up to God and Life and ask them to take the ache away…*sigh*.

I have learned to love her, a different way. Our new way, now. When I am missing her, the most, I sit in my car, the last place I heard her voice, made her laugh, cried when she told me ‘I love you’.

One would think this would be the last place I would want to be, being the last place I was ‘with’ her. Could not even tell you why it brings me so much peace and comfort. If anyone knows, feel free to let me know. Would be truly interested to know folks thoughts on this one.

Anywho, just sitting here, loving on mom a different way. A new way. Can’t say it’s better seeing as she is gone.

No longer looking for better, easier, faster etc in life. I have learned, am learning STILL the harder, longer, tougher, etc. way has introduced me to someone awesome/amazing: ME!

I am doing things, never done. Trying things, never tried. Living large, not existing as small as possible.

I cry more, try more, give more, hope more, believe more.

I stress less, fuss less, distress less, give in less.

In fact, I have removed LESS completely from my vocab. No more hopeless. No more helpless.

The ONLY ‘less’ I allow myself is RELENTLESS!πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ƒπŸ”₯

Lift up your head, beloveds. Yes, you have lost some great loves, situations, places, etc. Love them, though, in a different way. In a new way. Only YOU will know what that way will look like.

The eggs are already broken, the milk already spilled. All we can do now, beloved, is to clean up, let them go, let it go, as it was, and embrace the NOW.

In the meantime, keep on loving. In the car, in the house, where ever you need to.

Just because we have to love different, love someone different, doesn’t mean we have lost or we have failed. Life just did life.

Keep going, beloved.

I go with.

Cassandra BLESSED

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