Real talk: Pressure. Bring it on. We making diamonds!


Circumstances, situations, the world, the enemy, applying pressure something fierce, here lately.


I must admit, I got clipped, nicely today. Roundhouse to the chops. Minding my own business, standing, doing my utmost to do my utmost and….


After getting over the shock of being unfairly targeted by foolishness, I proceeded to stand, regally. I gracefully sidestepped the bombs, thereafter, and had a glorious and pain free rest of the day.


Had some hardship. Fell flat on my face. Pouted. Got mad. Pouted, some more. Got mad, some more. Rinsed and repeated the aforementioned dumbness. Added a sprinkle of ‘feeling sorry for myself’. Stormed about, in my mind, carrying on and wondering, whining, rather, where God and Life were.

Did they NOT know I was tarrying, working, getting punched, in the face, for THEIR sakes?????!

Climbed on my high horse, and did a fine soliloquey on the unfairness of Life, of God, for having me toil, try and get pounded on, for no good reason, I am tellin ya….smh….*sigh*….*Cassandra has to shake her head knowing she KNOWS better than to be wasting time on tantrums such as these*….*sigh*….

I admit it. Acted quite the fool. Asked for prayer, from my accountability partner. Got said prayer. What was more important, I got a nice hind end kicking. Much deserved.

I know better!


These tough days, these hard things, these lonely, rock filled, snake infested roads are ONLY providing the needed pressure to form this diamond, called me!

Diamonds are formed by heat and pressure, over a long period of time. Buried, deep within the Earth’s crust. Down deep, where they must be ferreted out. A costly endeavor. Diamonds are valuable because of their:


Time they took to form.

Expense it takes to ferret them out.

People’s perceptions of their value.

Yes, man has found a way to reproduce diamonds. Yet, NOTHING can top the diamonds God and Life have made! Man made diamonds will ALWAYS have their flaws, their occlusions. Even man made diamonds, though, have their beauty. Still have to pressure to make them.

So, don’t sweat the pressure, when it comes. The pressure won’t break you. Just feels as though it can, or will, at times.

The ONLY thing we need to allow pressure to break is our pride, our fear, our discouragement, (insert whatever words you like here).

When you feel you are being squeezed, rejoice.

When you feel you are being pressured, rejoice.

When you feel you are under intense heat, rejoice.

When you feel you can’t take ANOTHER step, rejoice.

You are being tried, tested, pressured, pressed, above measure. The priceless diamond, called YOU is being formed.

Stay, in the fight.

Stay, in the fire.

Stay, in the waiting.

Stay, in the standing.

Stay, in the trying.

You SHALL come out as gold. You shall come out the diamond.





Keep going.

I go with.

Cassandra TESTED.

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