Look at you!

Look at you!

Go on ‘head with yo bad self!!

You have made the choice, the tough choice, of LIVING this life, not surviving it.

You have gotten up, on yet another day, to try to be the best you, the latest you, the greatest you.

Go on ‘head with yo bad self!!

Give yourself a twirl, pat on the back.

Tip your cap, to yourself.

You trying, where so many others have stepped off the field, in defeat.

Celebrate some you, this day. You are doing this thing, called life. You are doing YOU!


Tell discouragement, fear, frustration and their ilk to kick some rocks and get going!!

You SHALL grow.

You ARE growing.

You ARE going.

Go on ‘head with your bad self!

Take a bow.

Your life, YOUR efforts, are changing things. You are not only changing your life, but you are changing the lives of folks around you.

Know ye not, beloveds, as you allow your burning bush, your try, your standing, your love, your joy, your voice, your anxt, your falling down, your getting up…..

ALL of these things, are making an impact. You are giving folks, watching, permission to try, themselves. You are giving folks, watching, the courage to try, themselves.

Look at you!

You have not joined the voices of many who say/think/feel trying is not worth the effort. You have chosen not to be a survivor.

Go on ‘head with your bad self!

You are:

More, than a conqueror.

Blessed, above measure.

Relentlessly Loved, by God, by Life.

Filled, with greatness.

Cheered on.

Prayed for.

Fought for.

Keep on doing you.

Look at you!!!!

Take the time, from time to time, to step away, from the battle. Step away to look at you….


This world is TERRIFIED of you. Terrified, you may, you will, discover who you ALREADY ARE!!!!

Beloveds, we ALREADY are:

Worthy, of love.

Worthwhile, peeps.

Destined, for greatness.

What does that greatness look like? Looks different for each of us. We were NOT meant to be the same. We were NOT meant to just run with those that look like us, think like us, do like us. How the world will we EVER grow staying in the same mold, in the same place, at the same time, with the same people????!!

Look at you!

Daring to be different. Daring to be you. Daring to DO you.

Keep on doing you, beloved.

Take a bow. You are changing lives. You HAVE changed lives, starting with your own.

Be sure, today, to tell ALL who would oppose you to kick some rocks and keep it moving!

You got this. God and Life has us all.

His and yours,


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