Time to change the filter.

For years, five of them, in fact, a friend has been fussing with me to use a water filtration system, instead of purchasing bottled water.

Why? Because the water, where I live is awful. Because I was FOREVER whining, complaining, fussing, about fifty thousand water bottles, jugs I had to throw out.





O, hey guys, yall no help in reminding me to go ahead and put in the filtration system.

FINALLY, after years, YEARS I TELL YA!, I buy this gorgeous Brita water filtration system.

Huh? Did I hook it up, right away, and begin to use it, you ask?


It may, or may not, perhaps, perchance, may have kinda sorta happened, I became lazy and my new, sleek, water filtration system had now turned into a coaster on my kitchen counter….oppps.

So, NOW, I have doubled my anxt! Instead of griping, whining, complaining, fussing, fretting about all these blasted water jugs every which way and having to dump the trash every other five thousand seconds because of these stupid jugs and…..OMG!!!!!!!….*pout*….

Opps…..sorry bout that. So, instead of having the aggravation of fifty thousand jugs, I NOW have to keep moving the stupid, sleek, new, shiny, regal looking dumb, in the way! water filtration system!!

God: Why do you keep buying jugs of water? Why do you keep slapping your new water filtration system around? Wouldn’t it be easier, more cost affective, to take a few minutes and install it?

Life: Yea, what He said.

Yikes!: Seems smart to me. Save me all this daily hollering about jugs and such….

Egads!: What Yikes! said.

Me: Okay, now THIS is true!…*slaps self upside the head*.

Did I hook up the water filtration system, right then?

Of course NOT!


Tis an absolutely TRUE statement that a lack of decent bottled water, truly IS the mother of invention!

Stomping over the the kitchen counter, I snatched the coaster, dumb water filtration Brita unit, stormed to my seat to actually read the directions.

Who KNEW what can happen when one ACTUALLY READS THE DIRECTIONS!!!….*gasp*…..

Heaven opened up, I am tellin’ ya! It did!!

I could follow the pictures!!!

The directions actually made sense, kinda!!! I only had to re read them about fifty times. I only had to curse out the dumb adaptors about ten times!(None fit. None needed. Dammit!). Took a whole five minutes to put the system on correctly.

Took all of five seconds to find out I put the actual filter on incorrectly. Crap!….*Cassandra reminds herself to mop up kitchen floor in a minute*…

After fits and starts, starts and fits…..



I felt like Patty Duke in the ‘Miracle Worker’ when she finally figured out Melissa Gilbert could sign water! (Great movie by the by. Yes, I know Patty Duke started in the 1964 version being the blind one and Anne Bancroft played the teacher. I digress. Both fantastic, by the by).

Enjoying an absolutely delish(!), glass of water, I thought about ALL the money I could have saved, ALL the trips to the trash, I could have saved, ALL the jugs, I could have saved, just by buying and installing a water filtration system sooner.

LIVING, instead of surviving, can seem exhausting, at times. It IS exhausting, at times. Yet, I have learned so much about me, about life.

I thought, I was ‘saving time’, buying jugs of water. Also, it was ‘just; 80 cents a jug. I had looked up systems before and they were ‘up there’, I told myself.

In actuality, I could have bought……good Yikes no telling how many I could have bought, in these last five years.

I spent money, on water, I could have used for other things, other needs, other wants, other pursuits.

I let laziness, habit, fear of tearing up the sink, distrust in what the water would taste like, habit, laziness, habit, laziness, habit, and laziness cost me a bundle.

I’m glad I finally changed my FILTER, my way of looking at things, which helped me to go ahead and install my water filtration system. This will save me:




We pick up too many bad habits, from surviving life. We tend to want to do the ‘easiest thing’, go the faster/easier/less complicated way. We look at ways to trim, get out of doing, living, being. Surviving life takes too much effort to worry about things like striving, trying, standing, and all the other ‘exhausting’ things one is required to do to LIVE life and not simply to survive it.

THAT burning bush, the one that God and Life has tapped you on the shoulder to turn aside and see, also helps you to see all the areas where you are still ‘surviving’ life, instead of LIVING life.

While we are living life, it’s important to see where we are still ‘surviving’ out of habit, laziness, fear, (insert your own words here). Check to see where you may be losing out on life, things, opportunities, moments, miracles, love from not changing your filter.

Change your filter, as needed! The ‘water’ is fantastic!!

Keep going.

You got this. God has us all.

His and yours,


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