You are NOT alone.

What a comforting thought! There are days when the world seems so big. Seems like Covid, strife, and so many things have isolated and separated us all.

It’s awesome to know we don’t have to ‘got this’ all by our lonesome, isn’t it?

Just wanting to let folk know I have been praying hard, for all of us. Praying for healing, strength, growth, joy, laughter, freedom, all kinds of good things for our lives.

Just wanted to take a moment to let folk know they are NOT alone.

I am grateful, for this day, for folks who care. I am grateful, for all the hard that came with today. I am grateful for the love of family, friends, God, Life, Yikes! and Egads!

KNOW you are:






And so very many other things.

God and Life have been watching your back for more days than you will ever be able to count. Rest upon Them. Rely on Them. Let someone know they are not alone, would you? I can’t get to the whole world.

Help a sista out woudja please/thanks?

I love you,


Cassandra HOPEFUL

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