Cut yourself some slack!

I must have had the shortest charger cord in the history of mankind!….*pout*.

I was either snatching my head off, after moving two inches too far. Or, I was confined to just a few steps, in any direction.

I can NOT tell you how frustrating this became. I fussed. I fumed. Yet, I did not take the necessary step of purchasing a longer cord.

For months, and months, I would half yank my head off, howl in frustration, and keep on using the short cord.

Don’t judge me, yall. Am sure you have done the same with something else.


Finally, after having grown forever tired of losing my mind, losing my head, I ordered a tasty 10 foot long cord.


So much so, I ordered the 20 foot long one!


Looking at my cord, experiencing my new found freedom, has me thinking about how little ‘slack’ we allow ourselves when trying to grow and learn new things.

I am learning a new job. Frustrating all on it’s own. The most maddening thing is the thought processes are the polar opposite of what I have been doing for the last 10 plus years. My old instincts want to solve issue the way I know. Yet, doing so is only complicating matters and making the learning that much harder.

It was ONLY after I surrendered myself to unlearning what I was used to, and committing to learning a whole new way of thinking, did things become easier for me.

Yes, the newness is STILL new, it is STILL hard. But, I am okay, with the hardness, knowing time, effort and commitment WILL get me to the other side.

It was ONLY after I cut myself some slack, gave myself PERMISSION to mess up, royally if needed, I began to enjoy the hard new training.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to cut YOU some slack, as well?

You don’t have to know everything, be everything, do everything, all at once. Growth, takes time.

I am learning to enjoy my new ‘length’. In cutting myself some slack, I am able to explore more, enjoy more, laugh at my mistakes more.

I am LIVING. There is victory in that. Yea, this LIVING can get awfully frustrating. It’s fun, though. Am learning so much about life. Even more so, about me.

Cut yourself some slack. Stop yanking yo head off. Lengthen your cord!

Keep going.

You can do this.

You are doing this.

Be blessed.



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