Even if it doesn’t get better, I want to BE better!

Doesn’t matter, what life throws our way.

Doesn’t matter, if the damned mountain still won’t move.

Doesn’t matter, if no one will go with you.

Doesn’t matter, if Life and God keeps saying no or not now.

Doesn’t matter, if I don’t see the change or experience the moment.

No, it just does NOT matter….

Even if it doesn’t get better, I want to BE better!

God and Life are interested in OUR response. Cares not one whit how others are being or what they may or may not be doing.

The question is:

What am I doing?

What am I learning?

What am I giving?

What am I receiving?

When the world is cutting up and acting a fool, am I doing the same?

Or, am I CHOOSING to be the:

Light, in the darkness.

Hope, for the hopeless.










Or, am I using circumstances, situations, old tapes, new tapes, old foes, new friends, old woes, new roads as an excuse to:

Give up.

Give in.

Run away.

Turn away.

Become angry.

Stay angry.

The harder life gets, the more I am learning, have learned, learning again, to EMBRACE the hard. The hard is teaching me so much:

About, me.

About, Life.

About, God.

About, others.

In going THROUGH the hardness, I am learning/experiencing:

I am much stronger than I thought.

I am much weaker, than I thought.

In going THROUGH the hardness, I am learning/experiencing:

I have much more patience, than I thought.

I have much less patience, than I thought.

Now, that standing has become a habit. Now, that seeking God and Life, FIRST, has become a habit. Now, that embracing the suck/accepting the hard, has become a habit….

NOW, I KNOW I really do ‘got this’.

I am a better ME!

I no longer seek a pillow when I come upon THE rock and a hard place. Now, I have started looking out for how the hard thing, THIS hard thing, the next hard thing, can/will/should make me a better ME.

It will. IF, I make the choice. The choice to BE better, no matter what, no matter how, no matter who.

How do we ensure we have become better?

Easy Peasey! By simply recognizing, receiving, accepting ALL God and Life requires from us is our ‘try’. God and Life will show us how to ‘do’ the thing. They just require our ‘try’. They just need our ‘yes’ to begin the thing.

The rest truly will come out, in the wash.

Keep doing you.

You ARE becoming better. Each time you choose to try, when you could have done as most, and returned to the easy way.

Keep on acknowledging, THAT burning bush, raging inside, burning quietly inside, burning constantly inside.

Keep on acknowledging, you are doing and have done all you know.

Keep on acknowledging, you are loving best you can, giving best you can, receiving best you.

If you have done these things, you are ALREADY better than you were, yesterday.

It is enough.

Wipe the day’s journey, off your feet. Rest. Enjoy some you time.

Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow.

You took care of, today.

Well done….

Be encouraged.

If no one has already told you, today, you are:






Prayed for.

Keep doing you.

His Homie and yours,

Cassandra BETTER

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