Nothing you can do about it now but do something about it now.

In getting organized, in reconnecting, in repairing broken things, I have realized how much time has been wasted, how many years wasted in using broken things, in being unable to use broken things.

It could be easy to blame myself for not knowing, or for knowing and not doing.

Yet, God and Life is uninterested in us berating ourselves for what we did not do, for what we did not know, for what we failed to do with what we knew.

There is absolutely nothing we can do about it, now. Now, all we can do is something about it NOW.

Life is short.

Repair what you can.

Move on where you can’t.

Start fresh.

Start again.

Does not matter where.

Just start.

In the middle.

At the end.

Who cares.

The world will get tired of fooling with your greatness. Will get tired of knocking you down, only seeing you rise, AGAIN!

Too much greatness in us, beloveds, to even think about throwing in the towel.

The ONLY thing we gonna quit doing is quit listening to dummies who think we can’t/won’t make it.


No need on crying over lost days. Best get to making the most of the rest of them, don’t you think?

As for me and my house, we fixing to have a nice cup of coffee, watch a ridiculous Super Hero Movie and imagine I am the one in the cape.

We just have to maintain, in the meantime, while our better days catch up with our former ones.

Keep going.

You can do this.

You WILL do this.

As will I.

Don’t let this world get it twisted: NOTHING shall stand between us and our growth.

Be gentle with you, in the meantime. You are doing all you know to do. This is ALL that is required.

You DONE paying rent. You DONE with trying to earn love/favor/joy.

Those who don’t see your greatness, well, wish them well and keep it moving. Plenty of us out there who WILL and DO care about you. Look around. We are here.

here for and with you,

Cassandra HOPEFUL

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