Reminder: Your life matters.

Reminder: YOU are important.

Your life DOES matter.

Your thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, ALL matter.

Keep doing you. Keep BEING you. Do NOT allow this world to silence you. Your worth is NOT tied in what you do, what you have, what you will or will not do.

Your life matters because….well, because you were born. Period. Full stop.

Kick to the curb, ALL who would attempt to get you to silence the greatness called you.

See, most folks are envious of those who are not afraid to be different, unique (insert whatever you like here).

Folks are envious of those who:

Dance in the rain.

Hear voices others can’t hear.

Dare things most refuse to think on let alone do.

Sing where others are afraid to lift their voice.

Write what most are afraid to read.

They want to silence you as you are a reminder, to them, if what they are not doing.

Keep turning aside, and acknowledging the burning bush inside you. God and Life have it burning for a reason.

YOUR burning bush, the fire going inside you, to do better, to BE better. Keep on listening to it.

Your life matters.

Your greatness is not in the number of folks you impact. The fact that you woke up this morning, put on your try hat, put on your I am going to shoes, donned your I got this cape has ALREADY had an impact on the world around you.

Your life matters. It matters to me. It matters to God. It matters to Life. It matters to those around you.

Your life is:








You are an HONOR to know. NEVER doubt this, beloved.

And, if you don’t believe me, just ask Dad, Your Heavenly Father. He will let you know the awesomeness called you.

We got this, people.

Be encouraged.

Be united.

Shine your light.

Our love/light WILL win out in the end.

Keep going.

I go with you.

His and yours,


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