Real talk: Don’t allow others burdens, to become yours.

Real talk. We care. Sometimes, too much, it seems.

Nah, not too much. That’s just a lie, from the enemy, to stop us from caring for one another.

Yet, we CAN allow our care, our compassion, to want to get in God’s way, in Life’s way, when they are dealing with those we care for.

We have seen one too many hero movies, I think….lol. We want to swoop in, to save, to keep folk from hurt.

Real talk. Life hurts, at times. Life hurts, due to well… just being life.

Time we all stop trying to avoid life’s pain. Growth comes with growing pains. Full stop.

At times, those growing pains comes from things caused by our hands, by the hands of others, by situations, by circumstances.

As we grow, as we know, we do better, we become better, we ARE better. It’s in the WAITING, in the meantime, of life, where we can falter, stumble, fall if not careful.

We see folks we care for faltering, stumbling, falling and want to swoop in, to stop life’s pain for them. We can’t. We have to allow others to stand, for themselves. He/she/they must KNOW, for themselves, that they CAN bear up, they MUST bear up, they MUST stand, endure, fight, scratch, claw and LIVE.

God and Life appreciates our care. Want us to care. To care enough to stay out of THEIR WAY!

And, as you refuse to allow other folk’s burdens, to become yours, also REFUSE to allow someone else’s dark place, to become yours. Continue to rejoice. Continue to dance. Continue to sing. Yes, pray for them. Yes, be a support, as he/she/they will allow. And, if they won’t/can’t care, at a distance, and keep it moving.

Life is short. Be encouraged. NOTHING and NO ONE are too far away from the reach, the love, the care, the compassion, of God and Life. Leave ALL with Him.

Be encouraged.

Keep going.

I go with you.

Cassandra HOPEFUL

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