Don’t let the growing pains silence your voice.

Growing can be hard. Good yikes, growing HAS been hard, this last year or so, hasn’t it?

So many things to get discouraged by:


Racial Unrest.


Seems like darkness is everywhere. It is not. Just seems this way.

And, trying to grow, in the midst of all this seeming hell, has been especially hard. Feels like EVERY day is hard, every day has some kind of pain waiting around a corner. Easy to want to just give up, in silence, wondering if my voice, if your voice really matters.

It does. Mine does. Yours does, as well.

We HAVE to keep shouting into this void. LIGHT WILL beat out this darkness. It will.

We can’t allow the growing pains, though, to silence our voices.

Keep growing. Keep going. We got this. We truly do.

It will take time to bring us all together, as ONE nation, as ONE people, as ONE heart.

We ALL have work to do. On ourselves. On each other.

I do my part. You do yours. We will leave the rest up to the rest. Ok?

Keep on believing. Keep on shining. Keep on running towards your hopes, dreams and goals.


We shall get there, together.

We only get ONE shot at this thing called life.

LIVE, beloved. Don’t survive this life.

Do you. As I will keep doing me.

Keep sharing.

Keep caring.

Keep loving folks. Yes, they be blockheads….smh….we ALL be blockheads, at times.

raising my voice with you,



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