Real talk: Since you can’t do anything about it, what are you going to DO with it?

God and Life made us unique.

At times, we fight and kick against the uniqueness called us.

It seems, as if we don’t quite ‘fit’ into this mold or into that thing.

So, we tend to wonder, to wander, to ponder, what to DO with this person called me.

Sadly, people, circumstances, situations know/knew we would have these questions, these ponderings, these musings. And, have tried to convince us to…well, to not BE us.

Outside forces are continually trying to convince us, each of us, to dismiss this awesome, unique, different, amazing, complicated, compelling person, called you, called me.

Too often, we have bent to their will, we have stood on their loud/wrong voices and allowed them to shame us. Shame us to be:








God and Life, created us to be WHO WE ARE for a reason.

We are each:

A piece of the puzzle.

An answer.

The answer.

This world can’t function without my me. We won’t make it without your you!

I say all that to again ask this of you, of myself…

Since you can’t do anything about it, what are you going to DO with it?

What are you going to do with the uniqueness called you?

You here now, beloved. What you fixing to DO with the rest of your life?

I DARE you to tell fear to kick some rocks and BE you: No matter what. No matter where. No matter who!


I go with you. God and Life goes with us all.😎

Cassandra NUFF SAID!

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