We have come too far to stop now.

Keep going….*sigh*…

We MUST keep going. Too many need our light. We HAVE to stay positive. We HAVE to keep reaching out. We HAVE to keep caring for one another.

Yes, it gets exhausting. Yes, life these past few months makes one want to dive in a bed never to come out except for comfort food and the restroom.

I must admit, I have been arguing with myself, for DAYS. Fussing that what in the holy world can I do to change things in this upside down world?

I ate half a cheesecake, told Yikes! and Egad! to kick rocks as I was tired of this one fighting with that one, this group hating that group.

I want to run around, yelling at the top of my lungs for folks to STOP THIS ALREADY!!!

We are brothers. We are sisters! We are gay. We are straight. We are biracial. We are fifty million things, all at once. But, WE ARE FAMILY!!

We are all we got, people!

How the world, GROWN FOLKS are acting like children and expecting our children to understand, is BEYOND me.

Yet, people, we keep going! We fight. FOR, one another. NOT, against one another.

We can do this thing, called life. We CAN.


I can NOT be the only one, shouting into the void.

I REFUSE to quit on us. There is just too much good in us, people!!!!

We are better than this. So much better than this.

Keep going. Someone needs your voice. Someone needs your love.

Praying for us all to get some act right,


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