You are beloved.

You are:


You are NOT:

Your, mistakes.

Your, worst moments.

Others, words said to/about you.

YOU are:


You are NOT:

A mistake.

The awful things you have said to/about yourself after you have made a mistake.

The awful words said/to about you from others because of a mistake or an on purpose, you made.

You ARE:


So, BE loved!


Enough. Enough beating yourself because of things you said, did not say, did, did not do.

Is it not enough, beloved? How many more moments are you willing to withhold yourself to pay for moments when you were not at your best. Must you keep sacrificing the rest:

Of, your moments?

Can you EVER free yourself of:




(Add whatever you like here)?

You are beloved.

Dictionary definition of beloved:

dearly loved dear to the heart.

You are dearly loved:

By God.

By Life.

By folk around you. If you will allow them to.

You are dear to the heart. It saddens me, greatly that many walk around feeling unloved. Saddens me more having ever felt God did not love me. He did. Always had. Always will.

Foks are running around chasing fame, fortune, clicks, likes, and all manner of things hoping to purchase good feelings, good will.

The Love of God is free. His Care is free. His Grace is free. They just need to be RECEIVED.

You are loved, this day. BE loved, would you please?



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