I run this!

I run this!

Fatigue, does not.

Discouragement, will not.

Sickness, can not.

I run this!

the enemy, does not.

Circumstances, will not.

The unknowns, can not.

I run this!

Fatigue, discouragement and sickness will ALL take their asses to work WITH me.

I run this!

And, since yall won’t let me rest, we starting this day, super early with some praise and prayer.

We shall see who run this house. As for me and mine, we shall serve The Lord no matter what, no matter where and no matter who.

Beloveds let NOTHING come between you and all that God and Life have promised you. Especially, you. Only way you lose is if you quit.

Quitting is no longer an option. We no longer have the time. Too many broken pieces. Too many broken hearts. Not enough folk to give two hoots.

Do whatever else you want to do today but you had best not quit.

You run this!

Keep going.


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