Can you be TRUSTED with God’s/Life’s silence?

NOTHING is harder than waiting. Waiting without hearing a word, that is. Anyone can stand, yield, give when knowing the endgame.

How many can wait, PATIENTLY wait, when God and Life are completely and utterly silent?

Not many, I suspect. Even Jesus, before He had to endure The Cross, cried out “Why hast Thou Forsaken Me?”

It’s easy to feel abandoned. Especially when things are super tough and you have done all you know to do and have done. You valiantly stand, endure, relentlessly pursue and then you…wait…and wait…and wait…and wait….


Thinking more effort is required, you valiantly stand, quietly endure, remain relentless in your relentless pursing of the relentless and then you…wait…and wait…and wait…and wait….


Wondering if perhaps, God and Life may have missed your valiant standing, quiet endurance and relentless pursuit of your relentless pursuits you begin again. Rinse/Repeat:

You stand, valiantly.

You endure, quietly.

You pursue, relentlessly.

You then proceed to:





Unbeknownst to you, you have a large audience. For, watching your battle are none other than:




The Heavenly Host.

the enemy.






ALL are waiting on YOU. ALL are straining, to see what YOU shall choose:

God will not choose for you.

Life can not choose for you.

Jesus dare not choose for you.

The Heavenly host can only root for you.

the enemy can only suggest to you.

Situations can only invite you.

Moments can only entice you.

Chances can only invite you.

Miracles can only work FOR you.

As you choose:

To, stand.

To, run.

To, give up.

To, give in.

To, win.

To, lose.

To, love.

To, withhold love.

To, open arms.

To, close fists.

To, look up.

To, look down.

To, praise.

To, proclaim.

To, complain.

To, declare victory.

To, accept defeat.

I think we have all read/watched one too many:

Fairy tales.

Romance novels.

Marvel movies.

We are forever waiting for someone to swoop in to save the day. Forever, waiting, as damsels in distress to be rescued. Forever, waiting for someone else to save the day, win the war, rescue this thing or take care of that thing.

God, Life and ALL who watch us, every moment of every day, know the real truth. LIfe is short and nothing to be trifled with. We are running out of moments, chances, miracles. This is why all of Heaven has been in an uproar, lately.

This world has gotten completely out of hand. Everyone appears to be out for themselves. No one appears to be giving a fresh hell about anyone else.

At least, this is how things appears to be. How the enemy wants us to see things. Yes, life is hard right now. Yes, things are dark, right now. But, ONLY due to the fact that folks so busy protecting his/her/their own they are not uplifting and helping others to uplift their light.

We got this, people. LOVE WILL DRIVE OUT THIS DARKNESS. It will. We just have to able to be trusted with God’s and Life’s silence.

Rejoice when things are hard and you hear nothing. It means God is trusting in YOU. He KNOWS you are going to choose to stand, to love, to care, to fight. He KNOWS you will keeping giving your all. His silence is meant to show YOU, how much is already in you. It’s not for His Benefit.

He knows the valiant warrior He made you to be. You don’t have to be loud, to be valiant. You don’t have to expound to be valiant. You don’t have to have this particular talent or reach a million people.A

ALL that is required is…..YOU!

That’s it. YOU are more than enough, beloved. Just by being you. Nothing extra special other than giving what YOU have to give. You don’t have to give my portion. You don’t have to worry about someone else’s portion.


Be glad that God and Life aren’t forever having to scoop you up and bill and coo to you as if you were a feeble child. you are growing, each day. You don’t need your hand held every other five seconds. You can and are walking to school, on your own. Yes, God and Life are walking behind you, hiding in bushes so you can’t see Them, making sure you will get to class safe. They got you.

Keep shining your light, into the darkness. Keep shouting, into the darkness. Broken pieces can hear you. Broken hearts can see you. THEY need you, beloved. Though, you can not see or hear them, they cling to your words, your hope, desperately. You are all they have, right now. Keep going.

Not only are you growing, healing, adjusting and living. But, you are teaching others to do the same. Though they may never tell you, they watch you. YOUR freedom calls them to want to be free, as well. Your life matters to this world. Your life matters to God. Your life matters to me.

Keep going. Even in God’s Silence. ESPECIALLY, when God/Life are silent.

You got this. I got this. We all we got. But, we all we need, yes?

shouting in the darkness til all come,

Cassandra FREE

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