Real talk: It’s just the fever talking.

Real talk. Standing, with a fever, good Yikes!

No, fun. I can imagine, it’s the same for you:

Wondering, if these trials will EVER end.

Wondering, if standing will EVER become easy.

Wondering, if our broken pieces, will be healed.

Wondering, if knowing we are NOT our broken pieces, are enough to soothe our tired spirit.

It is at times like these, super hard times, super lonely times, super frustrating times that I have experienced the RELENTLESS Love of God. For ME.

HE has carried me, through days that have been really tough.

HE has laughed with me, when fever has wanted me to run out in the street howling for relief.

HE has read Psalms 27, 30, 31 and 91 with me, as fever mocked me to give up already, as the enemy tried to convince me to stop standing and just forget the whole thing.

HE, My Awesome Father, has said, just rest, turn off the phone, and lean ON ME. Just try. Just stand on:

My Word.


My Deep and Abiding Love for YOU!

God loves us. We got this. Hard days. Easy days. We got this. For, God and Life, has our back. They really do. It may not feel like, it today. It may well not feel like it, tomorrow. Yet, God holds today. He holds tomorrow. How much safer/loved can we be?

You have come far, beloved. Keep going. It’s just the fever talking. Let the fever do it’s work. God IS healing. The fever WILL pass.

We have ALREADY won. If Jesus, is Your Homie. If, Your Father, God, resides, IN you, you have already won the lottery. The rest is just the cherry on top of our sundae!

Keep going. If you are too tired, to fight, rest a moment. It’s perfectly okay to not be okay until you become okay. Okay?

The very fact that you question where you are, is prime example you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be! Remember, God and Life have ALREADY calculated our failures, our lapses, our failings, our successes, our lack thereof into the equation.

We are:

MORE THAN conquerors.

Kids of the King.

Loved, beyond measure.

Precious, beyond ALL price.

Arise, beloved! Jump into Dad’s Arms and let Him love on you, today. He is there. You are NOT alone. You are NOT lost. Just a bit feverish, perhaps, like me.

I was so pitiful I got up, turned on some lights and having me a nice Dance Party. Join me. Tell your fever, doubt, fear, anxt to kick some rocks!

dancing with and for you.


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