Real talk: Tell the pity party to kick rocks!

Nothing like a raging fever, frustrating work situations, and a really LOUD neighbor, to help one to embrace tough times, while continuing to stand, joyfully.

It’s super easy, to stand when all is well. Let me tell you, I wanted to have a really, really, really nice pity party, this morning. Work was, well, work. Learning a completely new job has been…..



Hey, needed yall for this post. What a morning we have had, eh?

Anywho, was contemplating:

A good crying jag.

Tossing my laptop over the porch rail.

A good cup of coffee.

Needless to say, am still typing so the laptop is still here. Settled for drinking my water, instead. And, laughing at my rough morning. Embracing all the ickies which comes with learning new things. Good crimeny learning new things, can be such a pain!!!

I told pity party to go kick rocks! I have come too far, to settle for only getting this far, know what I mean?

It’s crucial to understand the hard times won’t always be so blasted hard. The hard times, in the meantime, are strengthening faith muscles, increasing our patience, strengthening our standing muscles. Hard times work FOR our good, not in spite of, despite of, or might of.

We got this. Even the hard this’! We CAN and we WILL.

Keep going. If you are thinking of having a pity party, tell pity party to go kick some rocks! Turn the pity party into a praise party, at the very least. If you are too tired for a praise party, homies and homettes, you just too busy!

We can do ALL things, through Christ who loves us.

ALL things, work together for the good….

See? Standing on God’s Word and not on my discomfort.

It’s ok to not feel ok or be ok if not feeling ok. Okay?

His and yours,

Cassandra STRONG




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